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Private Investigators are in fact "freelance professional investigators" hired by individuals, companies and⁄or institutions in order to assist in legal proceedings, investigations and other "confidential" matters. Most commonly, a Private Investigator (Private Detective) provides surveillance, conducts background checks, traces missing persons, undertakes investigative research and provides interviewing services to the general public, legal counsel and businesses alike.

Though overly highlighted by television and movies, the career of a Private Investigator is often stressful, sometimes dangerous, and, assuredly "irregular" when placed in context of the "normal 9 to 5" work ethic.

While most aspects of Private Investigation (PI) present no inherent danger or risk when searching public records, pre-trial preparation for civil actions, computer crime investigations, etc., other aspects of Private Investigation may well involve some level⁄degree of danger and risk when involved in an assignment or case of employee theft, undercover investigation, process serving, marital investigations, surveillance and bodyguard services.

In comparison to many other professions, PI is a relatively uncomplicated career in which to enter, regardless of age or present⁄past employment experience. The "novice" will most probably commence his⁄her PI career as a "field investigator" within the framework of an Investigation Agency or under the tutelage of an experienced Investigator.

A highly comprehensive course in PI is recognized as one of the most complete, detailed and practical online courses in this subject area worldwide. Professionally created and presented in order to both educate and prepare those who possess an interest in pursuing a Private Investigation career, it has become the "global course of choice".

An ideal PI training course points out, it is here, in the "formative years", that the novice will combine "beginner's luck" with common sense and "street smarts" in order to gain optimum professional results. The desired abilities of "thinking on one's feet", "looking over your shoulder", and, developing the ability to create immediate and creative responses if "caught in the middle of an undercover assignment task" will be readily achieved.

Those individuals seeking a "mid-life career change" (as well as those with specific experience in law enforcement, security and⁄or intelligence) will as well find that the field of Private Investigation provides an excellent "next step" in their professional goals. Older, more "mature" individuals also bring substantial "life-experience" in understanding human problems and motives, as well as having theretofore developed the important abilities to deal with varying, often unpredictable circumstances, and, a wide range of experience and knowledge concerning many professional and technical matters of "life in general".

The author of this article works as an affiliated marketer for Police Science Institution. PSI specializes in offering private investigation training and implementation of theoretical and operational parameters that are crucial in order to work in the different, respective fields of intelligence, and security.

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