Get Hired Quick - Megatrends Are a Foolproof Key to Your Success by Darrell DiZoglio

Hitch your wagon to a star and secure your employment by riding a massive growth trend for lasting success. Naturally, the first and hardest step is to actually identify one that you can capitalize on as a job hunter, investor or entrepreneur. Next, you can use the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find companies that are in these industries or will directly benefit from a mega-trend. is a search engine you can ask a question to research even further. Simply type a question like "identify new energy companies in Houston, Texas" and press enter on your keyboard. What is different about these companies is they are riding a tsunami of success. So, they have increasing payroll budgets, increasing growth, revenues and profits despite whatever challenges the state or national economy has.

Let us say you are a Mechanical Designer, Project Manager or a Product Manager, if you are from the auto industry and continue looking in the auto industry for work because you feel comfortable there, you could be unemployed for an extended period of time. However, if you just switch industries to capitalize on a mega-trend you could have multiple job offers in mere weeks.

My advice is do what other smart people are doing. Be flexible, adaptable and changeable, so you can take full advantage of these mega-trends:

The development, acceptance and promotion of Bio-fuels including the official endorsement by the US Government. There came a point where gas was over $4 per gallon and suddenly, we had the will to make the change. Now the largest oil companies are behind it, because this allows them to diversify their (investment) energy offerings to the next fuel that everyone will be using.

Hospital Information Systems: All the medical records must transition from paper to digital⁄electronic within the next ten years. This creates long term opportunity for IT professionals, technical professionals and project managers everywhere.

The continued growth of Health care, Retirement Planning, Nursing Homes as so much more people reach retirement age.

The high demand for and rapid growth of video, television, sports, movies and YouTube on the Internet. Video and audio content may take the place of info articles to drive traffic to websites. Did you know the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines will now let you search for videos?

The massive growth of Natural Medicine, Natural Health/Healing and Nutritional Supplement business will continue worldwide. The aging population wants to look younger and feel better. Fitness centers and gyms will also continue their growth.

The massive worldwide migration away from ordinary land-line phones and ordinary cell phones to smart phones with mobile Internet, email, texting, steaming video, GPS etc...

Books, magazines and newspapers (information) is going electronic and portable. Book and record stores are disappearing, here to stay are ebooks, Kindle, Apple iPad, Kindle for PC, iTunes, iPod etc.

People want their Internet to be mobile, so as a result Laptops, Smart phones and Netbooks more popular than ever...

Internet viruses, worms and malware threats get more and more serious for all PC owners (Macs are safer).

The cloud computing movement, we are moving away from physical PCs with bulky hard drives and individual software licenses per PC and to Software as a Service⁄Cloud Computing where we pay for access to memory and a whole suite of great software applications. This has the advantage of automatic backup and very safe storage as well as greater security and protection from theft.... Did you know that Google, Microsoft, Open Office all offer free office software on the Internet now?

Websites on the Internet, Web 2.0 and Ecommerce is still a huge growth trend providing plenty of work for Graphic Designers, Writers and Internet Marketers. Email capture, email marketing and email List building for multiple sales offers from one website visit, this is the new standard.

More and more business will continue to migrate to the Internet to avoid sales taxes, especially if a Value Added Tax comes along.

More and more people are investing in Gold, Silver, Platinum and commodities to protect themselves from the inevitable fiat currency depreciation that the dollar will be experiencing as inflation becomes a major concern. The government may not admit it but when Granny Smith Apples used to be $.48⁄pound and are now $1.79⁄pound in only ten years it does not take a rocket scientist to see that there has been over a 300 percent increase.

The growth of the federal government, it is in fact the biggest business going these days. Since when do we need Czars in America? (I have never even imagined I could be taxed 44 different ways this is revolting!)

The high growth of recession⁄depression era consequences: Evictions, foreclosures, bankruptcies, business closings, ruined credit, repossessed vehicles, Sheriff sales, total liquidation real estate auctions, abandoned homes, increased crime rates... The security and debt collection fields are experiencing steady growth.

The number 1 searched for item on the Internet is still Health and Beauty related information. Business continues to thrive in this field? Everybody wants to look and feel good.

Advertising is migrating away from traditional print media (local⁄national newspapers and magazines) and to the Internet where they see more immediate results from website traffic and sales. Affordable video commercials allow for convincing demonstrations. The whole sales cycle has shortened. More and more business will continue to migrate to the Internet. Brick and mortar travel agencies, mortgage banks, local newspapers and book⁄music stores will be challenged. Hello Apple iTunes, iPad, Kindle, ebooks galore, (saves college students a ton), Internet financed car loans and mortgages and travel agencies. People like to avoid sales tax and cheaper prices from much lower costs...

College education, Trade Schools, Computer Education is migrating away from physical classrooms with sky high prices and to Online learning at much more affordable prices. Distance learning via the Internet is now worldwide.

Natural health is becoming more and more widely accepted: Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopaths, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Herbalists, Reflexologists, Acupuncturists and the raw food diet⁄lifestyle etc.

Water is becoming more and more precious and people are more and more willing to pay it. Reverse osmosis turns salt water into fresh efficiently and is in massive demand worldwide both for cost effectiveness and greater efficiency.

The growth of big drug companies: With countless billions to spend on advertising, they will grow and grow. Now they are even advertising a FREE first month supply of the Rx drug you want in the TV ad. Meanwhile, over 600 FDA approved drugs are quietly recalled or taken off the market every year due to dangerous side effects or deaths. Generic drug companies like Teva will grow even more because price does matter.

Retirement planning and long term investments are now for the everyman discount Internet brokers opened the flood gates in the 1990's and growth of investment knowledge is always in demand. Right now there is a huge demand for slow steady safe money wealth preservation that is offered with annuities, which protects clients from the downside of the stock market risk while still allowing for participation in the gains of the S&P 500.

More and more of our food is from genetic hybrid plants and trees. More and more of our food is processed with all sorts of sugars like high fructose corn syrup, salt and toxic chemicals. More and more of our meat, poultry and fish protein sources are treated with antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones. The result and epidemic of obesity.

Cocooning, the more technology becomes a part of our lives the more we stay at home. Ironically, we cook from scratch less and less though. We can now watch brand new movies via pay per view Cable TV, Satellite TV or other Internet Services. People have theaters right in their homes now. We now can have restaurants deliver easier than ever. Frozen Pizzas and Chinese Food get better and better. People are becoming more and more isolated. The Internet networking websites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn are capitalizing on this, why not you? Did you know all these companies are hiring?

More and people are separated from Nature, gardens, fruit trees, exercise and sunshine. Unless they are in the Sunbelt vitamin D deficiency will impair their health. More and more folks will seek to return to rural living, Sunbelt living and near the coastlines, waterfront and oceans again. Living near golf courses and recreational heavens like Lake Tahoe will be more and more popular. Why do people think it is okay to use chemicals like weed killers and pesticides? These same people wonder why people have more health problems and the honey bees and frog populations are disappearing. Going organic and getting back to nature will be a mega-trend.

Freelancers will continue to flourish as companies seek to profit from short term brain, labor and talent use without paying costly payroll taxes, social security, unemployment compensation taxes, benefits or retirement plans.

Telecommuting will become more and more popular than ever, college students do it already, many business to business sales pros do it already, job coaches and counselors do it already, freelancers, technology professionals, writers, educators, trainers etc... Applications like Go To Meeting and WebEx make it easy and affordable. Skype is an affordable video phone/video conferencing for everyone... All laptops and now have built in HD video camera and microphone.

The government is fully backing Green Energy now and there are all sorts of tax deductions for the adoption of this technology as well as all sorts of government loans and grants for businesses in these areas. Wind, solar, bio-fuels, ethanol, fuel cell technology, lithium ion batteries that supply energy for portable⁄mobile devices⁄smart phones⁄laptops.

Robotics in manufacturing will continue worldwide. Artificial intelligence is growing, but please do not even think of contributing there. Watch all the Terminator movies for the reasons why. Now that is educational.

Entertainment, movies, sports and music will continue to grow as consumers place a high value on entertainment.

More and more folks are choosing to become Entrepreneurs and start their own businesses for freedom, independence and wealth. of course, no matter what anyone says it is plenty of hard work. Beware of get rich quick advertisements though.

Smart phones need smart phone applications, Ebook readers need applications, netbooks need applications. Programmers will continue to be in demand.

Brazil, Russia, India and China will be going through their high growth/high production/high consumption stage like America did in the 1940s through 2007.

Nuclear energy and weapons proliferation is a mega-trend, uranium mining is in massive demand.

Geologists are in high demand and will be from the mining industry, uranium, lithium, precious metals and oil and natural gas.

Personal networking is the single most effective way of finding work for Americans in these challenging times. Resumes have gone almost 100 percent electronic except for during interviews. LinkedIn is the place to be seen for maximum visibility if you want to get hired. Employers look there for the best and brightest talent and pay one low flat monthly fee or free for low volume users.

Real customer service and technical support is disappearing everywhere, especially on the Internet. Make your voice heard demand real customer service and buy from those companies who offer it. Do not ever use automated tellers or self service checkout machines at the supermarket, keep your fellow humans employed.

People who speak Arabic are in high demand especially in the NASA, CIA, FBI for anti-terrorism efforts. Do to the current shortage this would be a great language to learn if you want to hit the employment jackpot and serve your country at the same time.

Homeland Security continued growth is virtually guaranteed here. This one requires no explanation because we all value our safety.

Huge growth in mining for oil and minerals, lithium for batteries is in great demand worldwide, uranium, silver, gold, copper, iron mining with be in a solid growth mode because all fiat currencies are losing value fast.

The federal, state and local government sectors will be laying off workers to reduce record high federal budget deficits.

As record numbers of people reach retirement age and the whole population continues to age and live longer there will continue to be a huge need for retirement homes, nursing homes and assisted living centers. This creates safe and secure long term employment for Administrators, Nurses, Certified Nurse's Aids, Medical Technicians, Counselors, Physical Therapists and Janitors.

Recycling has proven great for the earth and it saves lots of money too. Reusing and recycling trends will continue and grow in popularity. Environmental cleanup (like after the British Petroleum Oil Spill) and pollution control will have strong growth too.

After all my research, taking advantage of mega-trends can only help whether you are a job hunter, investor or entrepreneur. So why not take advantage now that you know the secret of the world's most successful people?

(c) 2009 by Darrell Z. DiZoglio of Would you like to finish your job hunt in one third the normal time? Did you know professionally written resumes get 75 percent more requests for interviews? Services You do know your resume is the sink or swim mission critical part of your job hunt right? (Free resume reviews by email too.) I write High Performance Resumes, Interview Bonanza Cover Letters and Professional⁄Executive Profiles, 95 percent of my clients get hired in 90 days.

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