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Get Hired Quick - Megatrends Are a Foolproof Key to Your Success

Hitch your wagon to a star and secure your employment by riding a massive growth trend for lasting success. Naturally, the first and hardest step is to actually identify one that you can capitalize on as a job hunter, investor or entrepreneur. Next, you can use the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find companies that are in these industries or will directly benefit from a mega-trend.

Ask.com is a search engine you can ask a question to research even further. Simply type a question like "identify new energy companies in Houston, Texas" and press enter on your keyboard. What is different about these companies is they are riding a tsunami of success. So, they have increasing payroll budgets, increasing growth, revenues and profits despite whatever challenges the state or national economy has.

Let us say you are a Mechanical Designer, Project Manager or a Product Manager, if you are from the auto industry and continue looking in the auto industry for work because you feel comfortable there, you could be unemployed for an extended period of time. However, if you just switch industries to capitalize on a mega-trend you could have multiple job offers in mere weeks.

My advice is do what other smart people are doing. Be flexible, adaptable and changeable, so you can take full advantage of these mega-trends:

The development, acceptance and promotion of Bio-fuels including the official endorsement by the US Government. There came a point where gas was over $4 per gallon and suddenly, we had the will to make the change. Now the largest oil companies are behind it, because this allows them to diversify their (investment) energy offerings to the next fuel that everyone will be using.

Hospital Information Systems: All the medical records must transition from paper to digital⁄electronic within the next ten years. This creates long term opportunity for IT professionals, technical professionals and project managers everywhere.

The continued growth of Health care, Retirement Planning, Nursing Homes as so much more people reach retirement age.

The high demand for and rapid growth of video, television, sports, movies and YouTube on the Internet. Video and audio content may take the place of info articles to drive traffic to websites. Did you know the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines will now let you search for videos?

The massive growth of Natural Medicine, Natural Health/Healing and Nutritional Supplement business will continue worldwide. The aging population wants to look younger and feel better. Fitness centers and gyms will also continue their growth.

The massive worldwide migration away from ordinary land-line phones and ordinary cell phones to smart phones with mobile Internet, email, texting, steaming video, GPS etc...

Books, magazines and newspapers (information) is going electronic and portable. Book and record stores are disappearing, here to stay are ebooks, Kindle, Apple iPad, Kindle for PC, iTunes, iPod etc.

People want their Internet to be mobile, so as a result Laptops, Smart phones and Netbooks more popular than ever...

Internet viruses, worms and malware threats get more and more serious for all PC owners (Macs are safer).

The cloud computing movement, we are moving away from physical PCs with bulky hard drives and individual software licenses per PC and to Software as a Service⁄Cloud Computing where we pay for access to memory and a whole suite of great software applications. This has the advantage of automatic backup and very safe storage as well as greater security and protection from theft.... Did you know that Google, Microsoft, Open Office all offer free office software on the Internet now?

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