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Job Hunting For Those Desperately Seeking a Job

Did you ever have a friend who simply could NOT get a date no matter what? Let me guess... the harder they tried the worse things got. And the more desperate your friend got, the faster he was rejected. It seemed like potential dates could "smell" your friend's desperation.

Well, in a way they could. The same principle applies to job hunting.

If you are desperate for a job, there are likely two types of employers you will see...

1. The predatory employer looking to take advantage of you.

2. Employers who can "smell" your desperation and turn the other way.

The first type is easy to see because they will offer you some trash job at little or no pay. The second type may simply be afraid to give you a chance. Why?

Because they've been burned before. And they know from experience desperate applicants will say or do almost anything to get hired. Simply put, they don't believe you will stick around no matter how good your application looks. As a matter of fact the better your resume looks, the more suspicious they are likely to be.

So how can you avoid looking desperate?

1. Take a realistic look at what you have to offer potential employers.

If you really want to work - this is a plus. Most employers are happy to find applicants who really want to work. But why do you really

Will it cost him less to train you because you already possess pertinent skills?
Can this employer benefit from your skills in ways they never considered?
Can you produce short term results that may make taking a chance on you a better risk?

Changing your perspective may mean the difference between begging for a bone and bringing some real value to the table.

2. Build your confidence

Remember your friend who couldn't get a date to save his (or her) life? Chances are they felt like they had little to offer in a relationship i.e. they had low self-esteem. Recognize how much you have to offer in addition to your direct job skills.

Do people like you in the workplace? Why?
Are you able to pick up new things fast?
Do you have skills that may be considered a "bonus"

Start building a list of work-related things you are good at. Review it often. Keep adding to it as you think of new things.

Chances are you have a lot more to offer than you give yourself credit for...

When you start getting down on yourself, think of your friend. Why was he your friend? What did he have to offer? Sure maybe he had bad skin, or an overbearing personality but once you got past those, there was a great person behind the facade.

Once you find a way past your "bad points", you'll also uncover some great "selling points". Also keep in mind, unless you have a major problem in your employment profile - like a prison record - then you're "blemishes" may not be as bad as you think.

3. Reinvent yourself.

Once you've got a list of your marketable skills and pluses, apply these to how they may benefit an employer. Think in terms of what the employers have told you about what they were looking for in the past. If you look at past interviews you may now see where you could have presented yourself better than you did.

4. Improve your skill set.

If the job market is looking for skills you just don't have - get them! It doesn't matter if you're one of the best "buggy whip makers" on the planet, the planet needs only so many these days. If you are not getting offers because you lack skills in your field you either need to get the skills or find a different occupation.

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