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Back on the Career Track - A Guide for Stay-at-Home Moms Who Want to Return to Work

A Guide for Stay-at-Home Moms Who Want to Return to Work

For full-time moms, going back to work doesn't mean returning to your old job and easing back into the life you had before staying home to take care of the kids. Instead, it means reigniting old contacts (even those who were once your junior), marketing yourself, and getting over the intimidation that plagues most women who have been out of the workforce, whether it's been two, six, or fifteen years.

Cohen and Rabin interviewed more than a hundred women from accross the country and from a wide variety of fields that had been out of the workforce for anywhere from eighteen months to twenty years. Most of these women grappled with some of the same questions:

1. Should I go back to work?
2. Why am I intimidated at the prospect?
3. How can I regain my confidence?
4. How can I find opportunities that will accommodate my family obligations?
5. What are the actual concrete steps I can take to return to work successfully?
6. How can I make the adjustment as easy as possible for myself and my family?

Part 1 of this book addresses these questions.

Reader Daphne de Marneffe says, "This book has two great strengths. One is that if offers a calm, practical strategy for breaking down and following through on the many tasks involved in going back to work. This is really important and welcome, since in the busy day-to-day of parenting, it is often hard to look at the big picture and think strategically. The second is that it talks about the practical AND emotional hurdles to going back to work, and manages, in an upbeat but balanced way, to talk like a firm but supportive friend about overcoming them. There' s a lot written lately about how mothers are foolish and naive if they don't work for pay, a point of view bound to alienate mothers who aren't currently working. This book, by contrast, is not ideological, but helpful and eminently practical. It's a great resource if you are just starting to think about (and feel your way through) this complex question.

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