Can You Make a Living as a Workamper While RVing? by Dick I

What are the facts regarding workamping while RVing? Let's see if I can shed some light on the subject. My wife and I have been workamping for seven years and in that time we've held many different positions in many areas of the U.S.

It all started the in 2003 our first year of retirement. We were wintering in southern Texas, the Texans called us "Winter Texans", that way there wasn't any confusion with the "Snowbirds" that flock to Arizona and Flordia. We found an announcement about a Job Fair for Workampers. We both wondered what a Workamper was, so we decided to go check it out. Folks that's how we got our start workamping.

We were amazed at how many companies were in attendance and how many folks were attending. There were seminars about Workaming and RVing given by not only employers but also by long time Workampers. Of course there were a lot of RV Campground owners present seeking workers for their operations. What amazed us was the variety of work available for Workampers. Jobs selling aerial photos of homes in different areas of the country, doing site maps for RV Campgrounds, amusement park workers and many other positions. We decided than and there to become Workampers.

Our first position was in Branson, MO working at an amusement park. Wages weren't great but you got to go to a lot of shows free or at little cost. By the time the season ended we were showed out.

Since than we have worked as wagon masters for a caravan company taking RVers to the Copper Canyon in Mexico, selling high-end chocolate truffles north of San Francisco, selling aerial photos, doing campground site maps, working in lodges in several locations, selling fire works, selling RV tours and rallies, and doing road shows in Costco and Sam's Club for outside vendors. As a Workamper you aren't limited to just working in RV campgrounds and resorts. There are many Workampers making their living by writing about their adventures, how to articles regarding RVing, as a matter of fact, one of the best selling books is a list of Wal-Mart locations where Rvers can stay over night, written by an RVer.

Can you make money Workamping? Yes we have made as much as $25,000 in a month and we've worked for what could be considered less than minimum wage. Many Workampers hire on at RV campgrounds and resorts just to get their site free for the period of time they are there, others seek higher paying jobs.

How do we decide what Workamping job we want? Well the job isn't always the deciding factor. We start by deciding where we want to go, Florida, Texas, Arizona, California or where ever. After picking a city or geographic location we look for a Workamping position and like magic it all comes together.

So to answer the question in the tile of this article you can make money Workamping, but more important it's all the great friends you make while Workamping. Give it a try.

Dick I is an active RVer, having traveled extensively in U.S, Canada and served as a wagon master for the Piggy Back train through Mexico's Copper Canyon. Dick and his wife are Workampers having worked in many positions and locations. To learn more about the RV lifestyle view our travel photos when you visit [ Access Denied!] RVing the RV lifestyle.

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