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Online Job Sites

The Internet has changed the way people look for jobs and the way employers look for people. Ten years ago a job seeker picked up several newspapers each morning and searched the print ads, maybe sending a resume or making a phone call to any ones that seemed hopeful. Today a job seeker posts their desired job type, employment history, and qualifications on an online job site and receives an email alert when an employer posts that type of job, or when an employer in interested in hiring them.

CareerBuilder Owned by partners Gannett Co, Inc., Tribune Company, The McClatchy Company, and Microsoft Corp, CareerBuilder is the largest online job site, providing over 1.6 million job opportunities in every industry, field and job type.

Dice is designed for the specific needs of technology professionals, enabling them to perform highly targeted job searches based on specific criteria, including location, type of employment, skills and keywords.

Monster.com Run by New York, based Monster Worldwide, is a global online job site Monster currently has over 1.1 million job opportunities listed.

For more information about online job sites, visit Job Sites: Reviews

Online Job Ad Scams

Be aware that many online job postings, especially on non-job specific sites such as craigslist are actually scams designed to get your personal information. The scam usually involves the fake employer claiming that they can only deliver paychecks by direct deposit and that they need your bank account number, or PayPal account and password in order to transfer money. Then they use that information to clean out your bank account.

Even legitimate online job sites, like Monster.com, have had their databases hacked more than once, hackers stealing millions of job seekers' names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, user names and passwords. One precaution you can take is to set up a separate email account for your job search.

Considering the risks, don't focus your job search effort entirely on online job sites. Keep in mind that statistics show that employers fill less than 4 percent of their positions from online sources. Employers fill about half of their positions through personal referrals. In other words, networking is the most productive way to find a job.

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