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Questionaire - Does Your Job Suck?

Does your job really suck, or are you just a lazy whiner? To learn the truth, be totally honest when you answer the questions below. No information from this questionaire is saved. No data goes back to the server. I take no responsibility for the actions you take as a result of this questionaire. Let me know what you think and if the questionaire functioned properly for you.

Physical Environment:

TrueFalse     Long commute to Work
TrueFalse     Confined to work area all day
TrueFalse     Work area too small

TrueFalse     Work area too crowded
TrueFalse     Work area too hot in summer
TrueFalse     Work area too cold in winter

Work Environment:

TrueFalse     The Work is boring
TrueFalse     Constant interruptions
TrueFalse     Meaningless memos

TrueFalse     Too many meetings
TrueFalse     Meetings nonproductive
TrueFalse     Excessive workload

TrueFalse     Work at home without pay
TrueFalse     Too much work to take vacations
TrueFalse     Unpaid overtime


TrueFalse     Managers twist the truth
TrueFalse     Managers keep secrets
TrueFalse     Managers incompetent
TrueFalse     Mangers involved in political power struggle

Productivity Killers:

TrueFalse     Too much bureacracy
TrueFalse     Too many stupid rules
TrueFalse     Too much red tape
TrueFalse     Too much drama


TrueFalse     Race discrimination
TrueFalse     Gender discrimination
TrueFalse     Age discrimination

TrueFalse     Marital status discrimination
TrueFalse     Physical appearnce discrimination
TrueFalse     Credentials discrimination


TrueFalse     Work with jerks
TrueFalse     Work with incompetents
TrueFalse     Work with backstabers

TrueFalse     work with butt kissers
TrueFalse     Work with drama queens
TrueFalse     No cooperation from coworkers


TrueFalse     Pay not up to standards for industry
TrueFalse     Pay raises not keeping up with cost of living
TrueFalse     Pay not proportional to productivity
TrueFalse     Penalty for trying new things and failing

TrueFalse     No recognition for good work
TrueFalse     Credit given to wrong person
TrueFalse     No opportunity for advancement

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