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Finding a Job - Let the Pros Handle It

When it comes to looking for a job, most people take the Lone Ranger approach. They rely on themselves to figure out what they want to do, write their resume, prepare for interviews, and create a job search strategy. And while in the Information Age, it is possible to do all these things on your own; the real question is "is it smart?"

There are many career specialists available to assist you with the various aspect of the job-hunting process. Below, we highlight career coaches, resume writers, and headhunters.

Career Coach

What do they do? A career coach can be your partner in the job search process. They can help you decide what it is you want to do, work with you to create an action plan, and assist you with practice interviews. Career Coaches are great accountability partners if you are struggling to set and maintain goals. In addition, a career coach can stay with you find a job to create a plan for success in your new role.

Should you hire one? If youíre asking yourself "What's next in my career?" and you donít have an answer, a career coach may be a good resource for you. If you are able to create an action plan but have trouble following through, a career coach can create accountability and examine potential reasons why you aren't achieving your goals.

What to look for? There are lots of people calling themselves coaches. When looking for a coach, find someone associated with a professional organization or training institute for coaching (Coach U is one of the more popular ones). Also, only work with a coach who will give you at least one complimentary session; this will give you an opportunity to see if your personalities "click."

Professional Resume Writer

What do they do? A professional resume writer will take information you provide about yourself and your previous work experience to create a top-notch resume. They have excellent writing skills and are familiar with what key words recruiters look for when reviewing a resume.

Should you hire one? Simply put, if youíre sending out a large number of resumes but not getting any interviews it is time to hire a professional resume writer.

What to look for? Find someone who will spend time interviewing you and helping you decide what to include on your resume. If they simply ask you to fill out a form without a live conversation, find someone else. Also ask about fees up front and be sure you understand what is included.

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