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What Should be in a PC Technicianís Tool Kit?

If you're a computer enthusiast or an aspiring PC Technician, maybe you're wondering exactly what items you need to create a PC Technicianís tool kit. The toolbox itself should be a medium sized plastic toolbox. To fill the toolbox, start collecting the items listed below.

Hand Tools

A technician's tool kit should have a selection of the following hand tools, especially in the smaller sizes.

Philips screwdrivers
Regular screwdrivers
Nut drivers
Needle nose pliers
Regular pliers
Wire cutters
Adjustable wrench
Hex Allen wrenches
Torx wrenches

Torx wrenches Torx shape

Special Tools

You may not use these special tools on a regular basis, but they will come in handy when you run into complications.

Magnetic grabber
Pincher type grabber
Small soldering iron
Wire strippers
Magnifying glass


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