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Selling Expression Products at Home Parties

One successful method of marking, used frequently by women to sell Tupperware or crafts, is the Party Plan. This method requires you to find a "hostess" who invites guests to her home to view your presentation and enjoy refreshments.

Make sure the host will be able to provide enough seating, and that the seating can face a point in the room where you'll give your presentaion. Make sure there is enough table space to hold your product samples. Make sure the room has good lighting.

Begin your presentation by welcoming the guests and chatting a bit. Your presentation might include information about how you thought of the designs for your expression products and how they make wonderful gifts.

After your presentation, invite the guests to examine your products. While the guests are browsing, the Host should be serving the refreshments. Be sure you have a large enough selection of products to display. You should provide each guest with a catalog of other products in your line. If they wish to purchase a product from the catalog, they should not pay at the time of the party, they should place orders. Be sure to explain how deliveries will be made.

You deliver the products that were ordered to the hostess, who is responsible for distributing the items to the individual buyers and collecting payment. The hostess receives a 10 percent commission on sales. Among the guests, find people who want to sponsor a party at their own home. The hostess might also receive a small commission on sales resulting from future parties resulting from the demonstration in her home.

Many guests will pay with cash, so make sure you have an ample amount of change on hand. Most guests will pay by check, so be sure to make it clear who they should make the check out to. If you receive a bad check, most of the guests should be well known to the party host, so it should be easy to contact them and inform them that their check didn't clear.

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