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How to Draw a Fox

Draw a Fox

Red foxes can be found around the globe in deserts, forests, grasslands, and mountains. They can also be found in human populated suburban areas and even large communities. Red foxes are solitary hunters who prefer small game like birds rodents and rabbits. But their diet can be very flexible, eating fruit, vegetables, frogs and fish. If living in human populated areas, foxes are not above eating pet food and even garbage. The red fox's resourcefulness has earned it a reputation for slyness, cunning and intelligence.

A fox is easy and fun to draw if you start out by layout out its basic shape with ovals. Grab a pencil and paper and lets give it a try!

Draw a Fox step 1

1. Draw a circle on the left side of the page that is slightly squashed on the lower-left side. This will be the foxes head.

Draw a Fox step 2

2. Draw two smaller egg-shaped ovals on the top of the head for the ears. Draw a third oval shape for the fox's muzzle.

Draw a Fox step 3

3. Draw a bigger circle under the head for the neck.

Draw a Fox step 4

4. Draw a longer oval under the neck. This will be the body.

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