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How to Draw a Pig

Draw a Pig

Have you ever wanted to draw a pig? Drawing pigs is very easy once you know how. Follow these easy-to-read and simple instructions to learn how to draw a beautiful pig.

Draw a Pig Step 1

Draw a circle shape for the body. Add an oval for the head, but put a lump on it for the chin.

Draw a Pig Step 2

Draw two short lines for the legs. add two other lines and an oval for the snout. Add two smaller ovals for the eyes.

Draw a Pig Step 3

Draw two petal-shaped ears on the sides of the pig. Draw a thin line going down his back. Draw hoof shapes at the end of the legs, and add triangles for detail. Sketch in the snout, and add ovals for the nostrils.

Draw a Pig Finished

Color in your pig with pink crayon or colored pencil. or, to be creative, color it in any color you want!

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