90 percent of car buyers get ripped off. Don't walk into the car lot until you've read this guide, or your hard earned cash will turn you into yet another dealer victim.
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Stealing from Dealers - Your Car Negotiation Guide

You wouldn't play poker against a guy called "Vegas", so don't negotiate with a black belt dealer unprepared. Read this guide before setting foot on the dealer's lot.

It's sad how most people think they've negotiated a good deal from used car dealers. The biting reality is that over 90 percent are ripped off. So don't walk into the car lot until you've read this guide, or your hard earned cash will turn you into yet another dealer victim.

You spend your days (and likely nights) studying or working, saving up enough cash to buy a car. The danger is that Used Car Dealers have stacked the cards in their favour. Your walking into the dealers showroom without preparing properly is like walking onto a tennis court to play against a pro like Roger Federer. We've made it our business to level the playing field.

This guide gives you the inside track and exposes the hidden tricks dealers use to line their pockets with your cash. Fortunately, unlike the tennis example (where you're going to get thumped), preparation can turn the tables and save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on your next car - not to mention earn you free extras.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Car

Before you go tearing out to the dealerships, put on the brakes, sit down and figure out what kind of vehicle you need. Forget about what you want. Yes, we must admit, this doesn't come naturally to most of us. Bear with us; you'll be playing into the dealers hands if you don't do this first. Think about what is going to suit you best. There are 4 things you need to keep in mind when choosing the right vehicle:

1. Lifestyle: The car you're going to drive will need to suit your lifestyle. Your needs will be based on whether you are single, married, have children or are planning a family in the near future.

2. Location: Are you rooted close to the downtown, nestled in suburbia or tucked away in the rural wilds? You also need to think about what kind of commute you take to work and give some thought to weather and road conditions.

3. Hobbies: What do you do away from the job or college? Party a lot and need to play designated driver? Are you a hermit, seldom venturing away from the nest? Or do you like to race up muddy trails or slog your way up an icy mountain road to find that perfect virgin track of powder?

4. Income: Yes, there's no escaping the budget challenge. We will come through on our promise to save you money, which means you can afford more. Your might fantasise about owning that rugged Hummer, racy Jag, or classic muscle car. Stop for a moment and ask yourself: Is it really worth working for the car loan company to meet payments? What can you really afford to pay? Writing this figure down now, will go a long way to preventing the dealer from talking you into paying more.

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