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16 Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques

Top 16 off page SEO Techniques - There are two separate types of SEO approaches namely Off-Page and the On-Page. Both can be implemented on your blog or business website to generate traffic and even rank them to the higher positions in a search engine. Many people have a great liking for the off-page SEO and thus prefer using it to link building. The article will discuss 16 off page SEO techniques.


Several actionable off-page SEO approaches may be implemented by people who wish to boost their SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). They include the following:

1. Social Media Platforms:

These re the most significant resources that can aid you as you try to build authority and trust for your website. You can easily engage with people and help share all your content on a multi-social network. You can draw tons of traffic by simply sharing vast contents on a social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are among the top popular social media networks that you can try.

2. Use the Forum:

You can use it to engage with other like-minded people in your area of specialization. This involves answering questions on a forum to get a large number of following back links. It can also be used to create brand awareness for your product or services on your website thus generate impressive traffic to it. If you happen to come across an active forum or community in the area of your specialization, just make use of it and let them know about your website.

3. Social bookmarking:

Once you find yourself in a popular social bookmarking site that has high authority, you can submit your website or blog. Avoid doing so to spammy or low-quality bookmarking websites since it can mostly hurt your SEO. Pinterest, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon, are among the top popular social bookmarking sites that you can try.

4. Sharing an article:

Are you aware that you can easily add great value to your blog by simply submitting an article on a platform with many and active visitors? This has proven to be a genuine approach to generate high quality follow back do links. SlideShare, Medium, and Digg are among the top popular article sharing sites that you can try.

5. Directory Submission:

Popular business directories can be a great advantage for you to submit your blog. This is an excellent way of getting a decent quantity of traffic and again in full authority of your site for the Google SERP. There exists a significant number of blog directories that can easily accept your blog link listing them in their directories. However, it is tough finding a good and high-quality business directory. So, once you come across one, ensure you make good use of it. Note that, you can Google search business directories and then check their domain authority abbreviated as DA. If you get one of this nature or another abbreviated as PA (to mean Page Authority), it simply tells you that, the quality of that website is okay.

6. Q and A platforms:

This is a question and answers panel involving an active asking of question session and a group of people giving different answers for the same question. This is a good place for you to generate great tons of traffic as well as back links by professionally answering some questions on a given website. You can try answering questions in Yahoo Answers and Quora which are mostly consulted for reliable solutions. If your answer is marked and verified, high chance is that people will visit your website to know more about you.

7. Videos on YouTube:

If you have not yet hared ideas in a video by now, with YouTube, you should! It allows you to create an account and then you can upload different types of videos elaborating on a specific area of your specialization. YouTube can be a very creative way of sharing knowledge as well as experience in a visual way. Just as you well know, YouTube happens to be a viral video streaming site under the Google search engine. The platform possesses a commendable authority compared to other sites who spiralize in video streaming.

For you to succeed in using this platform, write a unique description of the related videos and then give a referring link to the bog you have or your website.

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