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Guide to Effective SEO Web Content - Keyword Richness Not Keyword Overload

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something of a beast in the Internet Marketing world and professional writers who provide a professional writing service to website owners and bloggers have had to learn a trick or two about how it works and what techniques are effective to ensure the web content they produce meets the needs of their clients. Equally, they have had to learn a thing or two about the damage it can cause if common techniques, such as keyword richness, are poorly applied or misused.

Effective web content is not solely about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For professional writers, the focus when writing high quality, effective web content is primarily to inform, interest and/or persuade the reader. In order for the web content to be effective, keyword richness must be an important, but nonetheless secondary consideration.

A skilled professional writer can write informatively and interestingly while maintaining keyword richness but even the professionals know there is a limit to the number of times you should use keywords and keyword phrases within a piece of content. Too many keyword repeats makes the text tiresome and tedious to read. Let us be realistic, who wants to read a 400 word article that repeats the same keyword or keyword phrased 30 times?

When writing web content, always remember that it has to be interesting for the reader or meet a need they have or they will give up and switch off. The visitors who come to your website or blog are looking for information, they are looking for you to meet a need they have, they are looking for you to provide a solution to their problem. Unless you provide what they are looking for they will move on to the next website or blog that does.

Optimizing your content for your target keywords and keyword phrases is important for your search engine rankings and therefore your traffic volume. This is without question and The Professional Writing Service certainly do not advocate that you overlook this. However, writing your web content with the main purpose of SEO is a huge mistake. You should work your keywords in to an interesting piece of content, not write your content around your keywords.

To ensure you do not overuse your keywords or keyword phrases within your web content, limit them to 5 repeats per 500 words. Always plan the content to meet the wants and needs of the reader and give them information they can relate to or use. Make them interested in what you have to say so they view you as an expert in your niche.

As a professional writer with some 15 years experience and a successful professional writing service, my livelihood has always depended on my ability to stimulate the reader and keeping them reading. The introduction of SEO and keyword richness has created a further element that professional writers have to incorporate into their content production, it can never and will never replace the requirement to keep the attention of your reader.

To create effective SEO-friendly web content follow this simple five step methodology;

1. Keep every piece of content focused on one aspect or area of your niche.

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