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Your Ultimate Guide to Content Creation

How to Write an Awesome Headline

A study finds that the more explicit a headline, the more the headline resonates. Headlines are critical in content marketing it's worth the extra time and effort to think of something that will catch the eye of the reader and draw them in. Headlines get attention and convey information in just a few words. Choose these words carefully because the headline is the foundation that our content is formed.

Your headline needs to have a specific benefit to the reader to grab their attention and make them want to see what more you have to say. First impressions are important and your headline needs to be compelling to draw people to read more of what you write.

Quick tips to construct a better headline.

Keep it short.
Cover the main idea.
Write the headline first.
Benefit the reader.
Add numbers.
Create how-to headlines.
Generate curiosity.
Adopt proceeding formats.
Use keywords.
Tell secrets.
Make headlines funny.
Ask a question.
Be controversial.
Captivate your audience.
Make a promise of value and keep it.
Use adjectives.

The Secret to Writing Original Quality Content

There is no reason to constantly regurgitate material. I'm sure people get tired of reading the same information written a thousand different ways. The answer for this fresh, superior content is research. There are thousands of places to get information at your fingertips.

Here is a list of some research resources:

Google search. This is a good place to start for your research.
Journals. You will find high quality with this kind of research, although you may have to pay for some of them.

Here is a list of free open access journals:

Databases. Look for open access journals they're free.
Google Scholar. Search information from abundant sources.

Write content suited for your audience. Material targeted toward their desires will let them know that you understand their needs and trust that you will also fulfill those needs.

Be transparent. Be real. People appreciate real especially in this day and age when fake seems to be on the rise.

Be emotional, laugh, cry, empower. Feelings connect your content with the reader on a deeper level, building positive connections. People love to share strong feelings with others and you want people to share your content.

Types of Content

Epic content.

An example of epic content would be if someone went to your blog for the first time and loved it and kept coming back for more or when the only reason people go to your blog is because of the content, it's epic. Epic content consists of:

Answers a question.
It's consistent.
Expresses an opinion.
Is known as the best.
Contains call to action.
Incorporates visuals.
Has tips and tricks.
Contains statistics and facts.
Long content.
Amazingly integrated.
Has abundant utensils.

What to do to become an epic writer:

Read all the time.
When you're not reading; write.
Record all your good ideas.
Know everything about your niche.

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