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Cisco Routers for the Desperate: Router and Switch Management, the Easy Way

Cisco Routers for the Desperate: Router and Switch Management, the Easy Way

Cisco routers and switches are the cornerstones of many networks. But when things break, repairs can intimidate even the most competent administrator. This highly acclaimed guide is written for the administrator in crisis mode. Updated to cover switches and the latest Cisco terminology, with a tighter focus on the needs of the small network administrator, this second edition gives you what you need to know to provide reliable network services and fix problems fast. You'll find coverage of:

o Installation—how to get your router and network connections up and running right the first time
o Troubleshooting routers and switches, so that you can determine whether your hardware or the Internet is broken
o Security concerns, like how to keep your network equipment safe from hackers and install a private network between two offices
o How to implement basic network redundancy to reduce the risk of network downtime

Partial Contents:

1. Befriending the Command Line
2. Router Configuration
3. Router Interfaces
4. Wide Area Network Connections
Internet Connections
Private Connections
5. Troubleshooting Routers
6. IOS Changes - Performing Upgrades
7. Redundancy with BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)and HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol)
8. Cisco Switches
CatOS (Catalyst Operating System), IOS (Cisco Internetworking Operating System), and Hybrid Mode
Spanning Tree
Cisco Discovery Protocol
Viewing ARP Caches
Finding Hosts
Viewing MAC Addresses
9. Logins, Authentication, and Remote Access
10. Cisco Network Service

Matt Olander of San Jose, CA says, "A MUST have book for when you need to make a quick change on a cisco router and don't have time to review. This book walks you through from logging in to making your router changes right from the beginning of the book. The title perfectly described my state of mind when I bought it! After 15 minutes or so though, the network was purring along again."

Cisco Routers for the Desperate: Router and Switch Management, the Easy Way

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