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X3Dom Primer

Image being able to create and display 3D objects and 3D scenes on your webpage by just typing in some simple text, without having to deal with a complicated design application? With today's modern web browsers you can do exactly that. X3Dom (Extensible 3D Document Object Model) is an open source JavaScript framework that allows you to type simple text into your webpage that will display 3D objects and 3D scenes. These 3D objects and 3D scenes can be made animated or interactive.

You can create a webpage displaying 3D objects and scenes using a basic text editor like Windows Notepad, and most modern web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Simply type in the required html tags, give the file a .htm extension. and open it in your web browser.

All the power and complexity is taken care of by linking your webpage to a file named x3dom.js, which is openly available on the internet. This file contains all the JavaScript functions that are necessary to create and run your 3D webpage. X3Dom has the ability to display animated 3D objects from various viewpoints, and allow user interaction.

The Web3D Consortium (web3d.org) develops the standards for X3D. X3D is an open platform-independent file format to represent 3D objects and scenes. X3Dom can be used for art, science, education, engineering, marketing and advertising, and any other purpose that would be enhanced by the use of static, animated, or interactive 3D graphics.

This book is a primer. A primer is a first book for teaching the basics of a topic to a person with little or no experience. For that reason, my goal in writing this book is to provide simple clear explanations of how to code and display 3D images and applications on your own webpages. Screen shots of the results, along with example code is provided. And, as a purchaser of this book, you are entitled to a free download containing the example code and other resources.

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