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Flower Garden Fun Kit

Flower Garden Fun Kit

Research proves that gardening is good for us: it's a healthy activity that helps spirits grow. Budding gardeners will love to dig into our Flower Garden Fun Kit, a colorful boxed set that includes two coloring books, How to Draw Flowers, tattoos, stickers, puzzles, bookmarks, and more. You can sample a drawing lesson, crossword, and tattoo illustrations. You get:

2 coloring books including a stained glass edition
How to Draw Flowers sunflower, rose & 28 more
18 lifelike tattoos
47 stickers including 12 that shine
59 follow-the-dots
12 adorable bug bookmarks: a grasshopper, ladybug & more

How to draw a tulip flower
How to draw a tulip flower
Garden plants puzzle
Garden plants puzzle

Flower tattoos
Flower tattoos

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