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Systemax Venture VC Dual Core Desktop

You don't have to pay thousands to get a great hard working PC that can do it all.

Systemax Venture VC Dual Core Desktop

• Pentium Dual Core E2220 2.4GHz
• 3GB DDR2 Memory
• 320GB Hard Drive
• DVD Burner
• Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Basic
• 1 Year Limited Warranty

Here are some facts: for just $329.99 this Systemax PC is capable of running word processing, spreadsheets, downloading music, surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, updating Facebook, checking Twitter, sharing photos, applying for student loans, and chatting with girlfriends.

Of course, you can do all this with a much more expensive PC too, but who wants to overpay by $1,000 these days. If you want value and performance, look no further.

And the savings are not just for students. I've got THE most affordable corporate class desktop in the business for only $329.99 after a $150 instant savings. That's right. Not $500. Not $400. Not $350. Only $329.99...for a Systemax Venture VC desktop PC complete with a fast and agile 2.4GHz Pentium Dual Core E220 processor, 3GB of DDR2 memory (expandable to 4GB), a huge 320GB 7200RPM SATA hard drive, a lightning quick 20X DVD±RW Dual Layer drive to burn your own DVDs & CDs, and a Windows Vista Home Basic operating system. You won't find a better PC than the Systemax Venture PC, even if you have to spend twice the price.

Keyboard and Mouse

Yeah, I know what you're thinking ("Carl needs to have his head examined; how in the world can he afford to sell such a powerhouse PC for a bargain-basement price?"). My secret? Big volume. Teensy-weensy margins. At $329.99 I'm going to sell a gazillion of these masterful desktops, and even if I only make a few bucks a piece - well, you do the math. In other words, I sell smart, so you can buy smart!

Looking for a great computer for your college-bound kids? Need an action-packed performer for the office? Want a complete PC loaded with fabulous features for home entertainment? We've got it! Click the Systemax Venture VC desktop PC into your online shopping cart and I'll ship this monster machine straight to your front door.

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