This video by SchoolFreeware shows you how to create your very first Visual Basic Express 2010 program.
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Video - Visual Basic Express 2010 - Getting Started and the First Program


This video by SchoolFreeware shows you how to create your very first Visual Basic Express 2010 program.

Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2010 can be downloaded for free at⁄express⁄Downloads⁄.

Visual Basic Express requires registration after 30 days, but no financial information is required for registration. Before downloading Visual Basic Express make sure your computers meets the system requirements: Express System Requirements

When you run Visual Basic Express 2010, the start page pops up automatically. If you do not wish for the start page to pop up, unclick the checkbox [] Show page on startup located near the bottom of the window.

To create a program, select File | New Project in Visual Basic Express's main menu and, in the Projects Templates window that appears, select "Windows Forms Application". Near the bottom of the window you can type in a name for your project. If you don't enter a name, you can do it later when you save the project for the first time. Click on the [OK] button.

To the lower-left corner of Visual Basic Express's main toolbar, you'll find the Toolbox. The Toolbox is on autohide. If you don't want it on autohide, click on the pin to pin it to the window.

Within the Toolbox you'll find things like components for buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, labels, picture boxes, timers, and other controls.

If your Toolbox is ever accidentally removed, it can be brought back by clicking on the Toolbox icon in the main menu.

To the far right of Visual Basic Express's application window you'll find Solution Explorer, which can be pinned. It displays the project and the form that you're using.

Below Solution Explorer is the properties of whatever happens to be clicked on. Right now we have the form clicked on, so we have all the properties of the form.

Go to the Toolbox and add a button. Now that the button is active, the properties of the button are displayed. Within the properties, change the text of Button1 to say "Hello World!". Then go to the Toolbox and put a Label on the form. Double-click on the button and Visual Basic Express displays the code for Button1_Click. Within the Button1_Click Sub type in Label1.Text = "Hello World!".

In Visual Basic Express's main menu click on the Run icon. Your program will display. Click on the Hello World button on the form and your text Hello World! will display on the form. Close your program by clicking on the red X in the upper-right corner of the form.

Add a new button to the form. In the new button's properties change the button's text to Quit.

You can see the events of Button1 by clicking on the little lightning bolt icon. See that button1_Click hs been automatically added to the click event. By double-clicking on the Quit button, you can go to the Quit button's events and double-click on the click event and the Visual Basic Express will add the code for you.

Inside the Sub Button2_Click, type Close to close the form. Then run your program. Click on the [Hello World!] button to display the Hello World! message. Then click on the [Close] button to close the form.

In Visual Basic Express's main menu click on Debug | Build and build will create the executable. Minimize Visual Basic Express, then navigate to the location where you saved the project Documents⁄Visual Studio 2010⁄Projects Go to bin and release, you'll find the executable. Move the executable to the desktop. Double-click on the executable on the desktop to see your new program run.

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