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Active Server Pages

Creating Webpages With ASP
In this article, you learn that ASP is a server technology that allows you to create dynamic webpages. ASP is usually written in VBScript. VBScript is a powerful but easy to learn scripting language. More ...

Retrieving Form Data With ASP
In this article, you learn how to create some basic html forms and how to use ASP to retrieving data from forms. You also learn how to convert the from's data to numerical values if you need to use it in calculations, and more. More ...

The ASP Application Object
Each website is an application associated with an application object. You can create subdirectories within the website and use ISM to make them into applications. Then if an application crashes, the website will continue to run. More ...

Handling ASP Errors
If you donít properly handle ASP (Active Server Pages) errors, the message "The page cannot be displayed" will be sent to your Web site's visitor. To avoid that, use the "On Error Resume Next" statement and the Err Object to handle errors. More ...

The ASP Session Object
When a visitor retrieves their first page from your website, ASP creates a session object. A session object is associated with each user (each web browser) while they are interacting with your website. More ...

Sending Email With ASP
Sending email with ASP (Active Server Pages) is not difficult. You can use ASP email to create a contact form, support request form, or even perform mass emailings. CDO (Collaboration Data Objects) is the Microsoft technology that simplifies the creation of email applications. More ...

Working With Drives in ASP
When ASP is installed, the FileSystemObject is automatically installed along with it. The FileSystemObject allows you to work with drives, folders, and files on the server. More ...

Working With Folders in ASP
The FileSystemObject has a collection property called Drives. Each drive in the drives collection has a RootFolder object. Each Folder (including the RootFolder) has a subfolders collection and a Files collection. More ...

Working with Files in ASP
When ASP is installed, the FileSystemObject and the TextStream object are automatically installed along with it. The ASP FileSystemObject allows you to work with drives, folders, and files on the server. The TextStream object allows you to create, read, and write files. More ...

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