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SQL (Structured Query Language)

Use Perfmon and SQL Profiler Together to Troubleshoot SQL Server Performance Issues
A great technique for troubleshooting SQL Server performance issues is to use Perfmon and SQL Profiler together. Each tool give you insight into what is happening with your database server, but combined they can narrow down your performance issue to specific events or statements. More ...

Language Integrated Queries (LINQ) and Visual Basic
LINQ is a better version of SQL - it is a part of ADO.NET and is integrated with VB.NET. LINQ now has the long missing option of using Visual Basic functionality in the data selection process. More ...

Creating Webpages with PHP
This article is an introduction to the PHP server-side scripting language where you learn how to create webpages with PHP. More ...

Microsoft SQL Azure - Microsoft Takes SQL Databases to the Clouds
SQL Azure provides data storage in the cloud, much like Amazon S3 and many Google Apps. One of the big advantages for SQL Azure is that relational queries can be made against data stored in the cloud, regardless of whether they are structured. More ...

Run PHP From Flash Key With Server2go
Do you want to learn (or teach) PHP and / or MySQL, but don't want to install a web server + PHP + database on your PC? Server2go is a neat little application that you can put on a USB flash drive and run your PHP MySQL webpages from there. More ...

Database Management Basics - What You Need to Know
When they start throwing terms around like schema, SQL, transaction processing or relational design, wouldn't you like to understand what they're talking about? More ...

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide
This book teaches how to develop dynamic Web sites with PHP and MySQL. The information is presented in a step-by-step approach. The focus is on real-world, practical examples. More ...

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