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SQL (Structured Query Language)

Working With Strings in PHP
Computer programs usually work with some form of data. One of the most common forms of data used in PHP is a text character or an array of text characters. An array of text characters is called a string. More ...

Run PHP From Flash Key With Server2go
Do you want to learn (or teach) PHP and / or MySQL, but don't want to install a web server + PHP + database on your PC? Server2go is a neat little application that you can put on a USB flash drive and run your PHP MySQL webpages from there. More ...

Conversion of Access Database Systems to Visual Basic Dot NET and SQL Server
Microsoft will continue supporting VBA for many years to come, but the programming emphasis is rapidly changing in favour of Visual Basic.Net and SQL Server. More ...

What is an Entity Relationship Diagram?
Entity Relationship diagram is simply a graphical concept which shows the flow of information input and output. Entity relationship diagram has three main components, entity, attribute, and relationship. More ...

How to Connect to an Unresponsive SQL Server: Direct Admin Connection
When SQL Server stops responding but is still, the first impulse is to reboot SQL Server. This may stop the symptom, but will not tell you anything to help you prevent the cause. More ...

Language Integrated Queries (LINQ) and Visual Basic
LINQ is a better version of SQL - it is a part of ADO.NET and is integrated with VB.NET. LINQ now has the long missing option of using Visual Basic functionality in the data selection process. More ...

Working With Numbers in PHP
One of the most important things to consider in using arithmetic operators is operator precedence, that is, the order in which the operations are performed. More ...

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