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Java Programming

Reading Files with Java
Without the ability to read files, your application would be severely limited. In this article I show you; how to use the JfileChooser dialog box to select a file, how to display the contents of the file in your applications window, and how to scroll the Window. More ...

Your First Java Menu
Many times the user of a sotware application performs functions by selecting items from a menu. In this article I give you an overview of the Java event model and how to create a Java program with a simple menu. More ...

How to Install JDK 8 on Windows and Get Started with Java Programming
Java is one of the most popular programming languages in use, particularly for client-server web applications, with nine million developers, and more than three billion mobile phones run Java. All you need to learn to program Java is the free JDK (Java Development Kit). More ...

Java Keywords
The Java programming language has 50 keywords. Each keyword has a specific meaning in the language. You can't use a keyword for anything other than its pre-assigned meaning. The following table lists Java's keywords. More ...

Display Variable's value in Text in a Java Program
Java uses the concatenate operator (+) to paste two or more strings together. However, you can also use the concatenate operator to display the value of a variable with a String. Java will automatically convert the integer values to Strings for display. More ...

Basic Java Variables
In Java information that can be changed as the program runs is stored in variables. A variable is created with a statement that has the type and the name of the variable, and sometimes the value of the information being stored. More ...

Passing Arguments to a Java Application
In this article I use a very short example program to demonstrate several basic principles of Java programming; how to pass arguments to a Java application, how to convert a string to an int, and how to use an if structure. More ...

Java Byte, Short, Long, and Double Variable Types
In Java, as in other programming languages, information that can be changed as the program runs is stored in variables. A primitive variable type is predefined by the language and is named by a reserved keyword. There are eight primitive data types supported by the Java programming language. More ...

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