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ASP.NET 5 Open Source Web Framework

In February 2015, Microsoft announced a completely revamped version of ASP.NET. As an open source web framework, ASP.NET 5 makes it easier for developers to create modern web applications at reduced cost. The developers can now run ASP.NET applications on three distinct platforms, i.e., Windows, Linux and Mac.

However, the latest version of the web framework does not support Web Forms and VB.NET. It requires you to use C# while developing web application using ASP.NET 5. The version 5 of the popular web framework also comes with several new features that will help you to build perceptive dynamic pages rapidly.

Various New Features to Effectuate Modern Web Application Development

Option to Use 3 Runtime Engines

In the new framework, you have option to choose from three distinct runtime engines, i.e., Full.Net CLR, Core CLR and Cross-Platform CLR. Full.Net CLR can be used as the default runtime engine; whereas Core CLS is designed as a modular and cloud optimize runtime. On the other hand, Cross-Platform CLR will enable you to create ASP.NET applications for Mac OS X and Linux, in addition to Window. Thus, you can now choose the runtime according to the nature and requirements of the individual applications.

A Unified Core Framework

The latest version of the web framework also comes with a unified core framework called MVC 6. You can use MVC 6 to avail features of Web Pages, MVC and Web API. The unified framework allows you to handle requests using only one type of controller for ASP.Net Web Pages, ASP.Net MVC and ASP.Net Web API applications. So you are no longer required to write separate code for each of these technologies.

Tag Helpers

The new version allows you to create Views using Tag Helpers instead of conventional MVC helpers. The new option enables you to use HTML helpers in your Views. You can further use the markup simply by extending the semantics of tags. The Tag Helpers will make your Views appear more natural and readable. At the same time, you can take advantage of the HTML editor to customize the output of HTML Helpers by adding extra markup.

Cloud Ready Configuration

The revamped framework further makes it easier for you to publish or deploy projects in the cloud without worrying about different configurations. It comes with a cloud ready configuration that simplifies the process of migrating or deploying projects in the cloud. You can further help in the project migration or publication by converting the project into an Azure cloud project. The converted Azure cloud project can be published in a quicker and easier way.

Option to Choose from Several Hosting Platforms

You also have option to host the web application on a number of platforms. The web framework comes with a new modular HTTP request pipeline that supports Internet Information Services, Kestrel server and Open Web Interface for .Net (OWIN) based server, while allowing users to self-host the application through a custom process. As your application will not interact with the web server directly, you can seamlessly switch from one hosting platform to another.

Built-in Dependency Injection

Your applications will now have access to a common dependency injection service. Likewise, the common dependency injection service is also available to various frameworks like Web API, MVC, Identity and SignalR. You can take advantage of the dependency injection service to effectuate and simplify testing and composition. However, you also have option to replace the minimalistic Inversion of Control container included in ASP.NET 5 with a container of your choice.

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