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Computer and Component Manufacturers Support Links

An important source of information for a PC technician are the computer and computer component manufacturers Web sites. There you can search for technical support alerts, configuration data, the meaning of error messages, and driver downloads. Many manufacturers Web sites have FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sections and forums where you can ask questions, and hopefully get answers. Below is a list of links to the major computer and component manufacturers Web sites.

Computer Manufacturers

Dell Support
Hewlett Packard Support
Sony VAIO Support

Processor Manufacturers (CPU)

AMD Processors Support
Intel Support

Hard Drives

Maxtor Support
Seagate Support
Western Digital Support


Kingston Support
Crucial Support


Intel Support

Video Cards


Networking Components

Linksys Support

Printers, Scanners, and Components

Hewlett Packard Support

Many of these Web sites provide technical support, which may or may not be free depending upon whether the computer or component is still under warranty. Always search the FAQ sections and forums before requesting technical support.

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