Movie and TV Extras Wanted - What Type Does Someone Have to Be? by Ben Jones

If we are dealing with "type" with regard to appearance and temperament, then there's a very simple answer, you could be anyone! Just take a look at current TV programs or movies and study the sort of men and women you will see within the background - large, tall, short, thin, fat, every single ethnicity it is possible to think of, old, young, smart, scruffy, attractive, plain, ugly, the list is virtually endless! Obviously, the exact requirements for the kind of extras wanted, will change from one program to another. In addition the sort of person required will vary, dependant upon the scene being filmed.

So, having established that absolutely anybody might be the correct type of individual for TV extras or movie extras work, it's vital to ascertain that you also possess the proper type of temperament to be effective when seeking an 'extras wanted' role. You'll find several characteristics which I would consider to be pretty crucial, when you wish to take into account a career within the movie extras and TV extras industry.

TV and movie extras are required to have a significant degree of patience

Once you have received a positive response to all of your "extras wanted" applications, you will find that working in the movie extras and TV extras industry typically involves a whole lot of sitting around with nothing to do apart from reading, knitting, talking, playing with your iPad, sounds wonderful doesn't it? Even so, take into account sitting on the top of a double-decker bus, dressed in period costume, which includes a scratchy hairpiece and a "feathered hat" you are unable to take off and remaining sat there forever, not understanding exactly when you are going to be called on set. You need to recognise that there is going to be a lot of sitting around doing nothing at all when you choose to work as an extra.

Extras wanted - should be flexible

You will also need to be quite flexible. If there's one factor a production crew don't like, it's TV extras or movie extras who feel that they are stars and start to behave like one! Whenever you are lined up for a filming session, there is a seriously good chance that you are not really likely to find out what is needed of you until you turn up, unless there is something particular relating to the shoot, that you would will need to know before hand.

As an example, you are going to get quite wet, so bring a large towel, or you'll be required to wear absolutely nothing but a pair of underpants! For that reason, if you do not know exactly what is going to be expected of you until you get there, there's little point in turning round and saying "Oh, I didn't expect to have to do that"! Within reason, you will will need to be as accommodating and adaptable as possible when trying to find an 'extras wanted' role. Exhibit willing and flexibility and the Director will remember you!

Focus and attention is vitally important

As mentioned earlier, there might be a whole lot of lounging around doing absolutely nothing before you are finally called on set. Once you're on set, the most important thing that the production crew don't want to see, is an individual who does not listen or pay attention. On a film shoot you are one of the least expensive commodities around. It will be costing the production company hundreds or thousands of pounds each hour in salaries and equipment hire, so they will not wish to hang around once they're ready to start filming. If filming is delayed, mainly because you might have not been paying attention to exactly what is actually required of you, they'll not be best pleased.

Do you need any sort of training when trying to find "extras wanted" jobs?

It is quite rare that casting directors are going to be trying to find an individual with formal training - if they require formal training they're probably trying to find an actor! Even so, training 'on the job' is some thing that is constantly helpful - train yourself as you go along, and learn by your mistakes. You will discover several firms that advertise training sessions for TV extras and movie extras, where they'll aim to provide you with the key abilities required to operate in front of a camera with out being self conscious, and to learn how to take direction.

So if you definitely are keen to work in the TV extras or film extras business, you will will need to be patient, versatile, concentrate, listen, absorb, and do as you're told. If your personality matches this character profile you should not have any worries and can begin trying to obtain all those 'extras wanted' vacancies.

Ben Jones has spent many years working in the TV Extras and Movie Extras industry. His wealth of experience in the industry is particularly helpful when reviewing TV Extras and Movie Extras opportunities and Acting Auditions and Film Auditions

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