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Need a New Job? Try Search Engine Optimization

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Henry David Thoreau

When Henry Thoreau said this, he was living in a different era, an era in which the internet did not exist. For David Thoreau comprehending meta-data and link building would be impossible but he still realized an ultimate truth. That it is not true appearance that is significant, the way it is perceived by others is what truly counts. For search engine optimization, this is an important concept.

In SEO, there is a lot that could be seen but it's what is perceived that counts. It counts more that a website is perceived to be popular than if it really is or not. However, it seems that the opposite holds true for SEO as a career. Some perceive it in an unfavorable light, but there is a great opportunity for those who grab it. In reality, Search Engine Optimization is a viable profitable and opportunity rich career choice.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website to rank highly on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. SEO is a subset of internet marketing and is really a process of optimizing a website for any user (or robot) that will visit it. Comparable to optimizing a brick and mortar store by hanging signs and bringing in more foot traffic and inevitably more sales because the new sign made the store more visible. Such is SEO, except the store is a website, and the signs, traffic and visibility are all virtual.

Because of the increased use of the internet and search engines, SEO's role in marketing and advertising has become vital to business success. Because of that SEO has become an indelible part of any businesses overall strategy. Unless either search engines or the internet goes away, there will always be some form of optimization.

There is some speculation that search engines will evolve into personalized, individualized and compartmentalized search, which may only include sites that have either paid to be there or cooperated with the search service in some way. While this may be true even in this scenario there will be a need for an "intermediary". Someone who helps business owners with websites and users find each other.

Career Choices

Since the search industry growth has been huge and is expected to increase at the same rate of current growth the need for SEO professionals has increased dramatically. In addition, because the industry is relatively new there is no official school to learn SEO. Therefore, there are not enough trained SEO professionals to meet the demand of labor.

This sounds bad but for someone interested in SEO as a career this is a great thing. There are not only many different SEO positions to choose from but also all of them offer a great wage. And even though it is encouraged, a college degree isn't necessary.

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