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How to Eat Cheap When You're Laid Off

When your income drops substantially because you've been laid off, you've got to conserve your cash as much as possible. Eating out a fancy restaurants is out of the question. Even fast food has become too expensive nowadays. The solution is home-cooked meals - and if you're really tight on cash - home cooked meals based on cheap bulk ingredients.

In my long work history, I've been laid off several times. During these recessions many members of a family, or even friends, may need to reside in the same residence because of no money for rent. If a large number of people need to be fed on the cheap, you need to use on cheap bulk ingredients. Below is a list of ingrediants I've relied on in the past.

mashed potatoes

Beans bought in bulk, are not only cheap but also tasty. They can be served as a side dish with lunch or dinner. Not only are do they taste good, but beans are good for your health. Beans are high in soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol. Eating a cup of cooked beans a day for six weeks can lower your total cholesterol by 10 percent, which can lower risk of heart disease by 20 percent.


Not only can eating beans lower your risk of heart disease, they also contain many compounds - isoflavins lagnins phytic acid sapopin and protease inhibitors - that have been shown to block cancer. Beans also fill many dietary requirements, including folate and potassium. Not bad for a cheap and tasty ingredients to get you through this recession.


Bisquick can be described as the "all purpose mix". Buy it in the big box. Below is a partial list of all the things that you can make with Bisquick.

battered onion rings
chicken dumplings
coffee cake
french bread
pie crust
pizza dough
sweet breads
Plus many more.

Search the Web and you'll find thousands of more things that you can make with Bisquick. And for those who really want to stretch their money - homemade Bisquick. It's basically flour, baking soda, baking powder, and powdered milk. Again, you can find the recipe for homemade Bisquick on the Web.

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