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Build Your Own Computer

Before you begin make sure you have all the tools you need and a clean space to work. Make sure you have all required tools and materials. Unpack the materials once package at a time and inspect them to make sure they are not broke or defective. Keep all receipts to insure proper returns if needed. Keep all parts inside their anti-static bags and gather all support manuals that came with the materials.

Required Tools:
Phillips-head screw driver
Needlenose pliers
Anti-Static wrist strap (or ground yourself to metal)
Large work area

Optional Tools:
Electrical tape
Compressed air

Go to a room with plenty of light and if at all possible... no carpet. Carpet attachs static electricity and could cause damage to your parts and void warranties. If you have an extra PC or notebook computer available I suggest leaving them on to find out any diagrams or manufacturer's notes online.

Step 1: The Case

After you have receive the case you bought, inspect it for damage. Make sure you have a working power supply and case fans (if applicable). If you did not buy your power supply with the case then you can see how to install it in the next step.

To access the inside of the case simply unscrew the bindings from the back or unlock the side door with your key, this all depends on your computer case. Once inside check and make sure that the drive bays are clear and you can easily access them. Also check the I/O Shield located on the back of the computer.

The I/O Shield is what you will eventually connect the monitor, USB, mouse / keyboard, and networking. You may need to switch this out with the I/O Shield that came with your motherboard if it will not fit properly, but we will discuss this later in the topic.

Step 2: The Power Supply (if already installed skip to step 3)

The power supply is the part that connects your computer to the power outlet in the wall. NEVER take the power supply apart as it will most likely void the warranty. Inspect the power supply to make sure the ends are not missing or broke and the red switch is flipped to 115V (US). You can usually find this switch on the top of the power supply. It may already be flipped up, if it is then continue on without doing this.

You need to install the power supply from inside the computer. Bundle all the cords coming from the right of the power supply to keep them out of the way. Insert the power supply with the 3 prong male power connection facing out. Screw the power supply into place using the philips screw driver. Make it snug, not too tight. Look at the final result and make sure you have all the connetions open and not being blocked by any part of the case.

Looking to have dual video cards...if you MAKE SURE the power supply says "Supports SLI" somewhere in the description.

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