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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Chipsets

Although most people think the microprocessor is the most important part on a computers motherboard, the "chipset" is equally important. The chipset consists of a northbridge chip that connects the microprocessor to the systems memory, and a southbridge chip that provides connections to the hard drive and USB ports. The northbridge and southbridge chips communicate over the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus, which also provides expansion slots.

AMD-750 Chipset

The AMD-750 was AMD's first chipset. It was designed to support Athlon and Duron processors. The AMD-750 chipset consists of the AMD-751 system controller (Northbridge) and the AMD-756 peripheral bus controller (Southbridge).


200-MHz frontside bus
PC-100 SDRAM (synchronous dynmaic RAM) with ECC (error correcting code)
32-bit 33-MHz PCI bus
EIDE supporting ATA 33/66
4 port OHCI USB
SMBus and ACPI

AMD-750 Chipset

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