The Windows 7 Backup and Restore Utility

To restore files from a backup, click on the [Restore my files] button. This opens the Restore files window. By default the files will be restored from the last backup made. If you want to restore from an earlier backup, click on the Choose a different date link.

To restore a file, click on the [Browse for files] button. Now you can browse through the backup and choose a file to restore. To restore a folder, click on the [Browse for folders] button and browse a folder to restore.

The files and folders you choose will be added to the restore list. You can add as many files and folders to the list as you like. When you're ready to restore them, click on the [Next] button. In the Restore files window, you can choose to restore the files to the original location or to a new location.

If you choose to restore to the original location, and there are still copies of the files that you are restoring, they will be overwritten. If you want to restore to a different location, click on the [Browse...] button and browse to the new location.

When ready, click on the [Restore] button. When the restore is complete, the message "Your files have been restored" message will appear. Click on the "View restored files" link and Windows Explorer opens up and you can browse through the restored files. You can now move the files to the original folders as needed.

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