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How to Fix Aclui Errors

"Aclui.dll" is just one of the many DLL files loaded in your computer. It is a shared component among different hardware or applications. At some point, you may experience issues on your computer due to missing DLL files, such as "Aclui". Fortunately, various workarounds are available in solving this issue, like the following:

Check Recycle Bin

Many users tend to explore and clean their system folders like "System32" manually. However, they tend to forget that many of these files are necessary even though they don't seem to have any purpose. They tend to delete these files and as a result, DLL errors emerge.

In case you've deleted the files manually, you can restore them through the Recycle Bin. Look inside the Recycle Bin, which is often located on the Desktop. If you see the missing file, right click on it and select Restore. Usually, the file will be moved back to its original location, which is System32.

Load Safe Mode

Safe Mode can be used in diagnosing errors and pinpointing their causes. Aclui errors may appear due to conflicts with newly installed programs. In most cases, deactivating these programs can solve the problem, especially if they are not that necessary for your computer's operations. Safe Mode limits the number of files and programs that load during startup.

To log-on to Safe Mode, reboot your computer and press F10 or F8 immediately after the motherboard's splash screen appears. This will show a list of boot options. Just select "Safe Mode with Networking" or "Safe Mode with Command Prompt". You can also choose Safe Mode alone, but it won't allow you to access the internet or the command prompt.

Now, run the program that showed the error and see if it will load without problems. If it loads fine, then there's a chance that one of your startup programs or drivers caused the issue. You can deactivate these drivers to put an end to DLL issues.

Look for a Replacement File

"DLL" files fail to load because they can be corrupted. One of the fastest ways of solving this issue is by downloading a replacement file. Websites that offer DLL downloads are widely available.

Scan Computer for Malware

Having this DLL issue doesn't necessarily mean that the Aclui file is the culprit. The error can also be triggered by virus disguising itself as one of the system files, like in the case of "winlogon.exe". Scanning your computer to know if virus files are present will help keep this problem from occurring.

Update or Roll Back Drivers

Since DLL files are shared by programs to run different hardware, there's a big chance that outdated or updated drivers are causing the issue. Roll back a driver and see if it will solve the issue. Rolling back a driver means restoring it to its previous version. In some cases, the driver may also need updating to be compatible with the file. Update the driver by looking for its newer version online.

Fix or Clean Registry

Registry issues left after uninstalling specific programs or hardware also trigger this issue. Fortunately, fixing the problem is easy; you'll only have to rebuild the registry connections between this file, the programs, and the hardware. Running a registry cleaner will also be helpful since it will remove traces of invalid paths that lead to broken connection.

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