How to Fix Rundll32.exe Errors by Pete F Morgan

p>More often than not, you will encounter "rundll32.exe" whenever you use your computer and this can be seen regardless of which version of Windows you use. Some errors can be encountered with this item as well. But for us to be able to fix any errors involving it, understanding what this file is will become needed.

Rundll32.exe is an executable file responsible for running other DLL files that are present in the computer. These DLL files, or Dynamic Link Library files, are similar to "EXE", or executable, files but they cannot just run all by themselves. This special executable file is the command that makes all of these other DLL files run in the computer to get certain programs and applications to run inside it.

There are a number of issues that can happen with this kind of file. A virus can sometimes affect the way certain programs run in your computer. Problems can also cause rundll32.exe errors that trigger high CPU usage that can greatly slow down a computer. Another error that can happen is when this executable file is detected as "missing" in the computer.

How to Determine If It's A "Rundll32.Exe" Error

There are a number of ways to be able to find out if you are having any problems with this executable file. One way is to check out the Task Manager and then go to the Processes tab. If by chance you are to go there and then you see you have two instances of that executable file, it tells you that your PC has an issue with it. Running a malware scan in the PC can help in detecting it and removing the one that is a fake.

There are also instances that the computer is running slowly because of the executable file in question. The reason for this is because it has become corrupted already. When it becomes corrupted, it cannot manage the DLL files that get to run and in turn it eats up all of the computer's CPU usage, slowing it further.

Rundll32.Exe Repair Solutions

In cases that you want to have a fast fix for this issue, there are a few steps that you can try:

Try to download tools that can help in checking for your registry files. In this case of doing a fix for the current issue, downloading a PC optimizer can help in checking your PC's registry.

Install the tool and then run it in your computer. Installing the tool to fix your PC issue can be fairly easy to follow and then using it will be as straightforward as possible.

Once you have seen that the tool was able to clear out any unnecessary files that may be causing your issue within the PC, try to do a weekly check with your computer to make sure the fix remains the same way.

There are instances that the file becomes "missing" from the PC. A computer will not work if this file has suddenly gone missing and it can't just be deleted easily from the PC. Cases like this, a virus may have a affected the file and the computer programs that need it to run their DLL files cannot find it, hence the "file is missing" message will appear.

In Windows, there is a certain command that can be used to check this file without needing to immediately download anything to fix this. "SFC", or System File Checker, can be run in a computer and it can then try to detect that each file that runs Windows 7 are in their place and none of them are corrupted.

Here are the steps to run this check:

1. Click Start, then All Programs, then Accessories, and then look for Command Prompt and then right-click it and choose Run as Administrator
2. Just click Yes when prompted to allow the said action.
3. Once the command prompt is open, just type "sfc /scannow" and then press Enter
4. A message will appear in the "Command Prompt" saying that the scan is now beginning and then a percentage will show the progress of the scan.
5. Wait for the scan to complete and then check the message if there were any files that were fixed or any that were corrupted and were unable to get fixed.

You also have the option to download the missing file; you just have to be careful when downloading it. Some of these files are infected with a trojan so it is best to get it from trusted sources.

While you could go through all the troubleshooting steps yourself, you could also just get a DLL repair tool which will do the job for you.

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