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View Hidden Devices with Device Manager

One of the most important troubleshooting tools in Windows is the Device Manager. To open Device Manager, select Start | Settings | Control Panel and open the System utility. In the System utility, select the Hardware tab and click on the Device Manager... button.

Device Manager hides certain devices

Device manager lists all the devices installed on your system. A red "X" or a "yellow" eclamation mark "!" next to a device in the list indicates a problem. But Device Manager may not be giving you the full story. By default, Device Manager hides certain devices, for example, some printers and non-PnP (non Plug and Play) devices.

To view non-PnP devices, in the Device Manager menu select View | Show hidden devices. Device manager will now add non-PnP devices to its list.

Device Manager shows some hidden devices

But Device Manager still hides certain devices, and these hidden devices can cause system resource conflicts.

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