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Free PC Technical Support

You don't need to pay $75.00 per hour for tech support. The Web sites listed below provide free technical support though FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sections, support forums, and/or volunteer technicians. They are listed in no particular order. If you use one or more of these sites, I would be greateful if you let me know of your exerience. Please notify me if one of the free technical support services listed here is no longer free or no longer exists.

- Computing.Net Features Ask Computing.Net, a concept based search engine were you can enter a search question. They also have support forums, a large search based FAQ section, Howtos, a novice section and much more.

- OnlineComputerTips.com This site features a Free Computer Help Email Form right on the front page. However, before submitting a question you might explore the left column Computer Help menu and the Read All Visitors Questions and Answers link at the bottom of the Free Computer Help Form to see if your question has already been answered, or your if problem has already been solved for someone else.

- Tech Support Guy Search the forms at the Tech Support Guy Web site for free to see if someone else has encountered the same problem, or post a message requesting help.

-  PC Pitstop provides a free suite of hardware diagnostics that works over the Web. This site also provides good hardware troubleshooting information.

- Protonic.com is an online community dedicated to providing fast, free technical support to any computer user in need of it. They are able to provide this service thanks to their countless volunteers. Their volunteers come from all over the world. Many of their techs are based in the USA, England, and New Zealand. To receive free online technical support, enter a title or description for your problem in the text box and click the "Ask Your Question!" button on the front page of the Protonic Web site.

- 5 Star Support has over 250 volunteer technicians to help people in need of computer help. Click the "Free Technical Support" menu, which takes you to a page where you can receive live chat help, forum help, or email help.

Click on the "Technical Information" drop down list for pages containing tips, tricks, solutions and tutorials. I checked the page for BIOS Beep Codes. Sure enough there where the beep codes of different BIOS manufacturers. If you've ever had a really dead computer, then I don't need to explain to you what beep codes are. If you've never had to use beep codes - then you don't want to know!

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