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First Stop When Troubleshooting Windows 7 - Control Panel

Having problems running a program? Can't connect to the Internet? Can't print? Other problem? Don't waste time and money searching for technical help, and don't panic. Windows 7 has a new Troubleshooting section in Control Panel.

The Troubleshooting section of Control Panel includes more than a dozen troubleshooters. These troubleshooters aren't guaranteed to solve every problem, but choosing the right Control Panel Troubleshooter can often save you time and anxiety.

To access the troubleshooters, in Control Panel, select the System and Security group. In the System and Security group, select Action Center. In the Action Center windows, click on the Troubleshooting link.

warning box

If your Troubleshoot common computer problems page has a warning box like the one shown above, click on the [Yes] button to get access to the latest online troubleshooters.

Get up-to-date troubleshooter checkbox

your Troubleshoot common computer problems page should look like the one shown above, with the Get the most up-to-date troubleshooter from the Windows Online Troubleshooting service checkbox checked.

List of all available troubleshooters

In the Troubleshoot common computer problems page left column, click on View all to see a list of all available troubleshooters with a description of each.

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