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How to Fix Windows XP Errors

Windows XP has quickly become one the most popular computer operating systems on the planet! But there exist as many errors and problems that can occur in Windows XP as there are stars in the heavens it seems...

So we're going to show you how to effectively Repair Windows XP below!

One of the best features of Windows XP is the built in repair feature!

In previous versions of Windows, repairing an operating system error usually meant formatting and reinstalling the whole operating system, resulting in loss of all of your precious data. The Windows XP repair feature won't delete your data, already installed programs, personal information or Windows settings. It just repairs the operating system...

Note: The system repair function will remove any updates you have previously installed that are not included on the CD. Any windows Drivers will also be reverted to their original XP versions, as well as some settings (network and performance settings may sometimes be reset to their defaults). It may be necessary to reactivate your Windows XP as well. When finished, you will have to download all of the updates from Microsoft Windows Update, because they are all replaced during repair.

Why would you ever want to reinstall Windows XP?

1. Can't start Windows XP in safe mode.

2. You have problems caused by a recently installed system update (Windows Update, hotfix, Windows XP service pack, or Microsoft Internet Explorer update).

3. Your problems can't be solved with system restore, or you can't access system restore.

4. You've installed a new motherboard, or made other major hardware changes and need to reinstall Windows.

Of course, if you are just trying to resolve Windows XP errors and problems, and want to save yourself some MAJOR time and effort...

Repair Windows XP Installation: Step-by-step:

1. Make certain there are no known hardware issues. Windows Repair will ONLY fix software problems. Hardware issues can also cause boot problems (i.e. bad hard drive, memory, CPU, or power supply).

2. Make Sure to Backup Your Data. It's always a good idea to backup your important data before making changes to Windows XP. Don't worry, if you follow these instructions your data will be secure and there for you when the windows xp repair is completed.

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