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Steps to Fix a Wet Laptop

Spilling a liquid on a computer or similar electronic device is quite a serious problem. But, depending on how fast you act, and how you react, you have the potential to minimize moisture related damage. If a laptop gets wet it is imperative that the computer's internal components are left to dry before attempting to re-start the machine and accessing the full extent of the damage. Provided the right steps are followed it might well be possible to salvage a water-logged laptop. Success of recovery often comes down to your ability to adequately dry-out the soaked internal components.

Here is a simple guide to fix a laptop if you spilt a liquid on it:

Firstly, unplug the laptop from its power source. Soak up any visible signs of water on the laptops surface as soon as possible, using an absorbent cloth or anything really that is close to hand. If the laptop was powered-on when the accident happened, make sure to shut-it down as quick as possible, which can be done by holding down the power button for ten seconds or so. Don't bother with closing down the individual programs; just get the machine switched off as soon as possible.

With the laptop shut down, turn the laptop over and remover the main battery pack from its housing. To do this, there is usually a latch next to the battery cover, just slide that and the batty pack should easy lift out. Removing the laptops internal power source is essential to avoid accidental start-ups and makes certain no power is able to get to the motherboard.

Now be patient and leave the laptop open and upside down. Enough time should be left for the components to completely dry out, which can take a while. Many electronic gadgets are able to start working again perfectly well, even after getting a soaking, provided it is given the time to dry out.

If you want to play really safe, you can of course take the laptop along to your local computer repair shop and have them take a look at it for you. Once the laptop is in the hands of a qualified repair tech, the chances of a full recovered are further increased.

Important note, wait for the internal components to be completely bone dry before making any attempt to power the laptop back on after a soaking. A lot of people panic, and attempt to start the laptop before it is had enough time to dry out, just to see if it still works, this is one of the worst things that can be done, and only has the potential to cause further harm. Just be patient, and leave the laptop the time it needs before attempting to power it on for the first time.

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