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Write Killer Copy That Will Help Transform Your Website and Other Marketing Material Immediately!

By Michelle Quintana

Remember People Do Not Buy From You Because They Understand You... People Buy From You Because They Feel Understood!

What the heck is a copywriter anyway?

The 12 letter word that is absolutely critical to your copywriting success.


Do not write copy to discuss anything about you. Until you have fully understood your prospective client.

Write copy to discuss why you are a "friend-writer". Think of a fireside chat with an old friend.

The friendlier the copy the better. Stay away from professional facts, statistics, or your personal accomplishments until you have established rapport with your target market.

Have a vision of what your client wants and needs from the relationship with your service. Put him⁄her IN your service. Let them experience it.

Build a strong bond with your client and you will have a customer for life.

The Basics About Writing Great Copy

Keep the focus on your client. Do NOT put the spotlight on you, your accomplishments, or your credentials. Prospects care about what YOU CAN DO FOR THEM not who you are or what you do.

Write in a friendly conversational tone. NEVER write in the "we" when you are an "I".

o NO NO NO! --- WE are an established 12 year professional organizing business that will work with your clutter issues in all types of office or home settings.

o Yes, Yes, Yes! --- If you're looking for an experienced 12 year professional organizing veteran who will pride herself on working with you and your specific clutter issues in the privacy of your home or office, I would be delighted to discuss your specific organizing challenges.

Become a "copy bully" and CLOBBER wimpy words! Weak words slow down your copy. Kill ‘em dead! For example, why "say" when you can "exclaim", "announce", "declare", "shout" or even "bubble over"?

Use words that infuse action and appeal to a need. Examples: Supercharge, skyrocket, dynamic, easily, powerful, hassle-free, risk-free, guaranteed. Use a thesaurus for words with like meaning. Repeat strong words.

Write your copy so a 6th grader will understand it. If a reader has to "figure it out" or you confuse them, you will lose them! Great copy is often criticized for having a child-like quality. This is deliberate. Simple copy SELLS!

Do not be handicapped by thinking that everything has to be "grammatically correct". When you are writing sales copy all the English rules you learned do not apply. You are not writing the great American novel. Say it in the simplest way possible.

Use short sentences and only contain one idea. Do not write long, drawn out complicated sentences or concepts. Be specific whenever possible. Don't say up to 10% or over 1,000. Have you effectively used reputable facts and statistics to either prove a point, grab attention or both? Shocking works!

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