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CompTIA Network+ Self-Study Guide

In just a short time, readers can be thoroughly prepared to take and pass the Network+ Exam. Written for students and professionals seeking Network+ certification, this compact, easy-to-read study guide gets directly to the point by covering the most important concepts you need to know to pass the exam.

CompTIA Network+ Self-Study Guide

This book has received the CompTIA’s Quality Authorized Curriculum (CAQC) seal of approval.

Reader Fernando Q. Blackwood of San Jose, Costa Rica says,"The book is very well written and gives you the information at the tip of your hands... straight to the point. The examples used are very clear and the language is simple. There are enough examples and 'test tips' that will help you to digest the information. If you are looking to 'refresh' your knowledge or if you are 'new' on this field... this book is right for you."

The text features skills-based Knowledge Tests to help prepare readers for the types of questions they are likely to encounter during the exam. Test Tips throughout the book highlight and recall important concepts.

Reader-friendly and informal writing style offers a no-nonsense approach to understanding Network+ exam concepts.
Easy-to-understand diagrams and screen captures are placed directly beside explanations to aid in understanding.
Answers to all questions are located in the Appendix for quick review and reinforcement.

Exam review with each chapter containing at least 20 knowledge-based questions. Diagrams and screen captures are placed directly beside explanations to aid in understanding.

Reader Josephine of Richmond Hill, Ontario says, "I give this book 5 stars! I've picked up quite a few certification books and this was one of those which didn't put me to sleep. I found it explained concepts fairly well, especially the IP address section, and many of the questions at the end of the chapter were taken straight from the exam as if it was written by Comptia themselves.

Because it was only 288 pages I only needed three days to read through it, and passed the exam with no prior hands on Networking experience. A must buy if you want to quickly get your Network+ certification."

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