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Laid Off? Now What Do You Do?

Back in your grandfathers day you hired on with a company and spent your entire career working for that company. When you reached retirement age and left that company you received a gold watch and a pension.

Those days ended decades ago, and the new paradigm became having multiple careers and working for many different companies in your lifetime. And pensions? Well now you're responsible for saving up for own retirement.

But in the near future, even that will look like the good-old-days, because many highly knowledgeable sources are now predicting that soon, most jobs will be replaced by computers and robots.

In the past, robots have been great at replacing people performing any kind of routine work, like factory assembly work. But a new breed of robots are prepared to replace people in technology jobs.

While all these jobs are going away, the world human population has reached 7.2 billion and growing. Where are all these people going to find jobs? They're not.

Unemployment rates at 75% will be common even in the United States. All this means that in the future getting laid off and being out of work is not going to be a rarity. It will be a very common situation. So it would be wise to learn what to do and how to deal with being laid off. That's what this book will teach you.

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