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How to Draw Dazzling and Dressy Fashions

How to Draw Dazzling & Dressy Fashions

Welcome to the glamorous world of fashion! Get ready to create the party and prom fashions of your dreams. You can take the first steps toward making your fantasies real with this book, which will show you how to draw like a professional illustrator.

Party and prom pose

Each of the 14 party and prom poses features a 5-step drawing. You'll start with a simple shape and keep building, till your fashion figure is complete. Create a simple dress that can be fancy or plain, a baby-doll frock, or an elaborate "mermaid" gown with an hourglass shape. Don't forget the guys—there are some great-looking formal outfits for them, too.

Draw glamorous fashions

Drawing takes practice, and that's why we've included a sketchpad. Find a sharp pencil with a good eraser. Later on, you may want to use colored pencils or markers to add the finishing touches. Now, grab your sketchbook and start drawing!

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