Skill Sets for an Underwater Welding Career by Robert Nirrkon

Underwater welding is a well paid, much sought after, profitable and satisfying profession. Underwater welding also needs a combination of skills. In case you are asking yourself how to begin in this great career, the American Welding Society makes recommendations on their web page to encourage young adults to enter the career field of underwater welding.

To help you find out what it will take, let us take a look at the skills you will need to have. First you have to be both a professional welder and a commercial diver. It is essential to have good diving skills and just as essential to place a premium on safety. Many people are not aware of it but you will spend most of your time in preparation of the welding job and not the welding activity itself.

To get an underwater welder, you can attend one of the accredited commercial diving schools. Most of them provide a certificate of achievement and acceptance as a commercial diver upon completion of your program. Your certification will be completed by a physical diving and written exam in the school to demonstrate that you have mastered the necessary skills.

If you'd like to get a list of commercial diving schools, contact The Association of Commercial Diving Education by writing the Association of Diving Contractors -ADC-, 2611 FM 1960 W., Suite F204, and Houston, Texas 77068. Call them at (713) 893-8388 or fax them (713) 893-5118.

Once completed your training course you are ready to get a job as underwater welder. Many commercial diving companies that do offer underwater welding will be thankful to take you on board if you would like to continue after obtaining your certification. Take your time to look for the right employer and apply for the job you would like to do.

Upon getting that first underwater welding job, a lot of companies will require you to enhance your skills by passing certain qualification tests. Please ask your potential employer before you begin working with them what needs they have. Usually you can make a lot more money if you have taken enough time to further train on the job after starting out.

In case you come from a background as commercial diver, you will simply have to go through the welding training. It is usually a good idea to be in peak physical condition since underwater welding can be demanding. The better shape you're in, the better you'll do.

Which are the chances of finding work in underwater welding is a question which comes to mind usually. Generally the demand for qualified underwater welders is really high. Of course there are some regional or seasonal variations. Underwater welding provides a lot of opportunities to further qualify yourself for more sophisticated or difficult jobs. The more you can position yourself as an expert, the easier it will be to find a well paid job for you. It's possible to earn a 6-digit salary per year as an underwater welder in case you are willed to travel or to take the more challenging jobs. Constant learning and additional certifications are key if you want to succeed in this job that brings welding and diving together.

In case you consider one of the many [the website cannot be found] welding careers for yourself, take the time and inform yourself a bit on the web and get in touch with your local welding schools to find out more. A rewarding career is awaiting you.

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