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Enter the World of Purchasing Jobs and Careers

In a world of managers, buyers, and agents - an assortment of careers in purchasing allow individuals to enter the mechanics of buying and selling goods. When it comes to most of the jobs associated with this career choice, possessing a bachelor's degree and undergoing a decent amount of experience is usually required. To get an idea of the jobs found under this career path, consider the following options:

A Purchasing Manager is in charge of overseeing all purchasing functions within a company. In regards to the purchasing of goods and services, they receive and deem the approval of such transactions. In an effort to lessen the costs associated with the buying and selling of company interests, it is also their responsibility to investigate new trends or issues concerning materials and supplies.

Quality improvement is also part of their job description. A bachelor's degree with at least eight years of experience in the field is needed in order to pursue this kind of job. Most Purchasing Managers will manage a staff and possess strong ties to top-level management. The typical salary for this position is found between $59,302 and $103,742.

As a Purchasing Agent, you will have the honor of supervising all purchases connected to a particular organization. Evaluating and approving potential vendors becomes one of your main duties, as you will also authorize the purchase orders for goods or services. Completing your studies for a bachelor's degree and racking up at least eight years of experience within the field is necessary in order to enter this profession. You should also become familiar with managing a team of buyers, where routine reporting to a purchasing manager is then expected. You stand to earn an average of $57,520 to $88,146 when pursuing a position as a Purchasing Agent.

When looking for a more higher-level management position, perhaps a career as a Purchasing Director better suits your interests. Job requirements include the direction and management of the purchasing division of an organization as a whole. At least ten years of experience in the field and a bachelor's degree is required to gain the knowledge necessary to develop the policies that affect the effective transactions of goods and services. A variety of tasks are associated with this kind of position that demands a certain degree of creativity and latitude. Leadership qualities are a must in order to successfully work well with others as a Director. A typical annual salary is seen between $72,794 and $147,211.

A Purchasing Clerk mainly develops purchase orders for the attainment of materials. They also conduct research, interviews, and enter negotiations on behalf of a company in order to get the best prices and specifications of desired products. The job title also requires an individual to supply regular administrative support. A high school diploma or its equivalent (accompanied by zero to two years of experience in the field) is needed to pursue this job. Reporting to a manager is expected in regards to this job that usually makes between $25,822 and $42,775.

As a Purchasing Supervisor, there are varying levels of duties associated with this position with plenty of room for advancement. For example, a Purchasing Supervisor II will watch over the daily activities of the purchasing division. They are responsible for reviewing the purchasing decisions of a company, as well as the orders and vendor contracts. A level II supervisor possesses the authority to pursue most of the everyday operations of the overall group. You should also keep in mind that a bachelor's degree in an area of specialty is sometimes necessary for many companies. The average annual salary of a Purchasing Supervisor II is found between $46,308 and $85,058.

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