Finally Help is Available for Those Over 50 by Nike Comfort

Are you over the age of 50 and looking for a new job? Have you discovered that the process of job-seeking is much more difficult than you had expected? Is it all too easy to make excuses: to say, for example, that you are too old to learn new things or too frustrated to show your best self?

No excuse is acceptable when you are searching for a new job. You are a successful, special person, and you can succeed in anything you want! Those who say "I can't" and those who say "I can" are both telling the truth. So, which one are you? Are you of the optimistic bunch who can take a challenge and turn it around? Or are you a member of the pessimistic group who give up easily at the slightest obstacle or barrier? The job market has changed dramatically in recent years, and now we're in a survival-of-the-fittest mode.

Only the best shall be successful in achieving their job goals. But what do we mean by "best"? It is critical to note that reaching a job goal usually has nothing to do with skills, experiences or attributes (though these are essential) - in fact, the final deciding factors are personality and attitude.

Start off by sitting yourself down, staring intently into the mirror, and honestly answering this question: "Is my age really an issue?" Your answer will determine how well you approach and perform within today's job market.

Let's take a moment to consider the number one challenge faced by those over 50 in search of a job. That challenge is packaging - in other words, how you go about inventing, marketing and re-inventing yourself to suit different employers, different job agents and the many different scenarios you will find yourself in as you pursue your job goal.

At this age, one of the greatest dilemmas you will run up against is having a wealth of varying skills, experiences and attributes to offer. Where most people in this target group fall short is in knowing how to package these beneficial qualities appropriately by targeting them to suit each specific job opportunity they are presented with. To do this well, you must keep the following three key points in mind with regard to packaging:

Industry Requirement: Issues to do with industry evolving bringing about current trends, experience and specialist skills required. Do you know what these are and if you possess these current requirements at the expected level.

Job Role Requirements: Issues to do with job role tasks that are age sensitive. For instance role requiring heavy lifting or strenuous activities.

Your Requirements: Issues to do with your own personal values and why you are looking for a new job. For instance, are you looking for a more financial rewarding role, greater job satisfaction or perhaps a job that will keep you physically and mentally active?

How successful you manage these three key points depends largely on how good your job market skills are. So start off on the right foot by taking this FREE Job Market Performance Assessment to determine your current level of job market skills and discover what you could be doing better!

Nike Comfort is CEO of World of Work. A Company dedicated to providing everyone with the necessary job tools to achieve their job goals. Take a [ domian redirectd].

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