How to Fix logoncli.dll Error By Pete F Morgan

"DLL" files are multi-application shared components and every one of them works with specific programs installed in computers. Logoncli.dll in particular is used for client protocols in Windows. After some time, however, error messages may appear as a popup report due to various triggers.

Various procedures must be accomplished to repair these problems. It's vital to take note of the error messages related to this DLL file because it will be useful in the repair process since your component might be inaccessible after restarting. Follow these repair tips to solve the problem:

Track Down Changes in Your Computer

Tracking down changes in your computer is remembering if you installed or uninstalled programs or updates. Most of the time, these changes can affect the registry and show different DLL problems. In case you uninstalled a program, try reinstalling it and see if it resolves the issue. If the error appeared after installing a new program, try uninstalling it and see if the message won't display again. These changes can corrupt or break paths in accessing the DLL and simple reinstallation and uninstallation may rebuild the broken registry paths.

Utilize System Restore

Most of the time, tracking these changes is impossible and the aforementioned procedures may not solve the issue. This is where System Restore will come in handy. By using System Restore, you can undo changes that occurred in the hard drive brought by various processes. Using this tool will make restoring your computer to an earlier configuration easier, which means that you can get to one where there are no DLL file errors.

System Restore can be accessed easily by searching for the program through Start Menu's search box in Windows 7 or by typing "rstrui.exe" on Run dialog box in Windows XP. Select a restore point to undo recent changes and then restart your computer.

Scan for Malwares

Malware programs work in different ways depending on how they are designed. Many malware programs can delete system files like DLLs and trigger errors in your system.

To detect these problems, scan your hard drive using a top caliber antivirus and anti-malware. Scanning will take several minutes up to an hour depending on your drive's size and the number of files stored in it. Be sure that your antivirus is updated to ensure its virus database is updated. Take note of scanned threats and remove them from your computer.

Clean the Registry

Problems in the Windows Registry could also cause logoncli.dll errors. Program installation and uninstallation affects registry entries in which it breaks paths in accessing specific system files. Cleaning your registry will remove these invalid paths and handles that trigger errors.

To optimize your system's registry, get a good registry cleaner to inspect these critical errors. There are free optimizers that you can readily download; however, if you are not at all familiar with the Registry, you might want to choose a premium version so to benefit from improved program architecture. After cleaning broken paths, the tool will enable the registry to rebuild paths and eliminate errors.

Take Advantage of Startup Repair

In some cases, DLL incompatibilities may prevent laptops and desktops from booting properly after it restarted. For this issue, users can take advantage of the enhanced Startup Repair feature (available in Windows 7 systems). It detects several issues that prevent computers from booting and fix it automatically. This option may display if the system does not boot since it detects possible hardware and software changes. Select Startup Repair and follow instructions to complete the process.

If this option is unavailable on the list, try shutting down your computer again to show Startup Repair. This program knows that it didn't shut down properly and will give users the opportunity to repair the inconsistency.

Download Newer Replacement DLL File

Most of the time, outdated or incompatible logoncli.dll files trigger errors. Replacing it with a newer version will prevent the issue from happening again. The best place to find download links is at its developer's support page. Avoid downloading this file from other sources since they are not guaranteed to be the right file.

Reinstall Windows

The worst case scenario in fixing these would involve a clean reinstall of the operating system. Go with this procedure as the last resort. This will fix the issue even if the cause is untraceable. Format your computer and then install the operating system to have a clean registry and new set of registry entries that prevent incompatibilities.

Without a doubt, fixing logoncli.dll problems is possible with these procedures.

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