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Web Design Blunders That Can Cost You Lost Profits

It's hard enough to bring people to your little corner of cyberspace, and once they're there, you have just a few brief seconds to catch their attention. A simple click-of- the-mouse and your site visitor is gone!

Keep as many interested prospects on your site by avoiding these blunders:

Multiple Popup and Popunder Windows.

Many online business owners swear by the effectiveness of popups and popunders for getting more subscribers, making sales, or generating leads.

At the same time, a large percentage of users claim todislike popups and popunders. And it's no wonder; many of us have been "held hostage" by popups that spawn even more popups when you try to close them, until your screen is filled with windows and you're completely frustrated. Most people simply do NOT appreciate multiple popups or popunders!

If you choose to use them, try for a "happy medium" - a window that appears only once upon entry or exit.

Unreadable Text.

Certain formats are easier to read than others. For example, it's generally accepted that black text on a white background is the easiest to read. The reverse - light text on a colored background - can cause fatigue when reading large blocks of text, and is better used to highlight a portion of the page.

Similarly, text that is too small can cause problems. Although it's possible to change the displayed text size on a browser, many Internet users don't know how.

Confusing Navigation.

Ever been to a site where it's hard to get around? It's just as easy to leave and go instead to a competitor's site. Make your navigation clear and simple.

Trapping Visitors In Your Frames.

Improperly designed frames can leave your visitor "trapped" on your site, unable to use the "back" button on their browsers to leave. You can bet they'll never be back if you try to force them to stay! BigNoseBird.com has a nice little tutorial on how to get the "Frames look" without actually using them. Read it at bignosebird.com/k3.shtml.

Broken ordering links!

It sounds silly... heck, it is silly. Check your order links regularly to ensure that they still work. Enough said.

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