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How To Effortlessly Use Streaming Audio

Are you looking to add professional impact to your website and newsletter for almost little or no cost. How about introducing an audio ezine or other informative audio stream to your web site?

With the amount of email and documentation that is being passed around, people are becoming overwhelmed with the information overload. I know of a number of people who because of their hectic multi-tasking schedules find it difficult to make the time to sit back and read the books, magazines and articles that keep piling up. Instead they pop in an audio book (CD or tape) while they are working, driving, or exercising and "listen" to their books. This is an ideal way to maximize productivity and learning in a short period of time.

What can you do with streaming audio?

Record tips and tricks relevant to your field of expertise
Record your entire ezine or portions of it in streaming audio format
Record interviews with other business owners, subject matter experts, and/or customers
Make announcements about new products, services or specials
Record a speech or talk that you have given
Start your own "radio station" or web cast.
Post your audio on various MP3 audio sites just like you would with articles.

Streaming audio is another effective communication method to share your knowledge in an interactive way. You are reaching out across the world and adding warmth and a trusted voice to your loyal visitors and readers. You are only limited by your imagination because you probably already have the tools on hand to create some great audio.

If you haven't thought about this because you think that it might cost you too much time or money, let me give you an idea of how easy it is.

What do you need?

1. Microphone
2. Audio Recording Software
3. Sound Card

That's it! It's rather easy to do and won't require too much of your time or require a fancy recording studio. Your computer, an inexpensive microphone and audio software that lets you record, edit and mix puts you in full command of your own home recording studio.

There are quite a number of free to inexpensive audio shareware tools that you can download. For example, MP3 Audio Mixer - www.acoustica.com is a great tool that helps you record and mix your audio. So, if you want to add a music intro or do fading between segments, MP3 Audio Mixer makes it a snap. You can add background music, intro and outro music or just about any other sounds you think would add impact to your streaming audio presentation.

Another good tool you might consider is Super MP3 Recorder - www.supermp3recorder.com, which lets you record through your microphone, record an existing streaming audio file from the Internet or even music from your CD player or MP3 player.

With your software of choice and a decent microphone (in my experience a simple $10 microphone has been more than effective for voice recordings), you plug it directly into your sound card, hit the record button on your audio software and start recording.

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