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Seven Effective Ways to Build Your Own Web Site

Running a business without building a web site, is like a fish swimming in a small pond. The fish needs a vehicle to reach the ocean. If you are a small business person who wants to reach millions quickly and easily, building a web site is a necessity. There are many ways to build a website but I'll just give you an overview of the most popular ones.

Before you begin to build your web site, register a domain first (read my article How to choose, register or transfer domain names. This means you are serious about your business.

1. Web Site Templates - Free and Paid This is a quick and simple way to design your site without spending a dime. With a free web site template, you can add text and graphics and host it on a free web host.

Free - these will give you a quick and simple design.

Paid Templates - generally these provide better looking designs.


Pros - quick set-up, saves time on design time.
Cons - lack of uniqueness and flexibility, not custom built to suit your business.

2. ISP Site Builders

Some ISPs provide site building software as part of their package i.e. AOL, Bigstep.com.

Pros - "all-in-one" package, no html required. This may consist of just site building (AOL), or a combination of site building, hosting, search engine submissions and newsletter management (Bigstep) for one monthly fee.
Cons - template pages, page links generically named, pages can't be individually optimized for search engines.

3. Learn HTML

This will allow you to build your web site from scratch and have total control over any changes you may wish to make.

Pros - total control, flexibility, inexpensive (you can even use the text editor, notepad, that comes with your computer).
Cons - steep learning curve to become proficient, takes a lot of time to change hundreds of pages.

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